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How to Know When a Girl Is Thinking About You

by bottlez
How to Know When a Girl Is Thinking About You

Today, we are going to learn about how to know when a girl is thinking about you. Now, let’s begin.

  1. Searching for You

When a girl is thinking about you, she searches for you everywhere she goes. Imagine you’re standing in a crowded room. The girl you like just walked in the door. There are dozens of things she could do first. She could talk to a friend. Grab a snack. Pour a drink. But the first thing she does is look around the room, searching for you. She wants to know that you are there.

She may not make a move right then. She might scan the room, stare at you for a moment, then find something else to do. But that doesn’t mean she’s not interested. In fact, searching behaviour demonstrates a deeper interest in your potential connection. She cares where you are, because, unlike everyone else in the room, you have been on her mind.

  1. Replying Quickly

Texting someone you like can be a rollercoaster of emotions. One day, you think they like you; the next, you feel confused and insecure. So, how do you know when someone you’re texting is thinking about you?

Look at the pace of the conversation. Is it quick and consistent? Or do you have to wait two days in between each message? The latter is a common sign of disinterest. Typically, when someone isn’t excited about another person, they let the conversation drag.

She may leave you on “read” for a couple days, because you are rarely on her mind. On the other hand, when a girl is thinking about you, her texting habits change completely. Whenever you send a message, she’s excited to hear from you. And she shows that excitement by responding quickly and thoughtfully. She’ll keep the conversation going. She’ll show interest in your life. She’ll ask questions and hardly ever makes you wait.

Now, there are times when a girl is interested in you but takes a long time to respond to messages. Some people live busy lives. Others don’t like to spend much time on their phones. But, in some cases, it’s your behaviour that’s driving her away.

For example, if you take days to respond to each message, don’t expect her to be prompt and thoughtful. She doesn’t want to seem needy or clingy if you’re not interested in her. So, she mirrors your texting habits and takes her time. If you want to know what a girl thinks about you, compare her texting habits to yours. If you respond quickly and she doesn’t, it may be a one-sided connection. But if she’s excited to hear from you, there’s a good chance she’s interested in you.

  1. Awkward Interest

When a girl is thinking about you, she may act nervous or restless when you’re around. Ideally, she’d be comfortable and relaxed, but spending time with people you like can be a nerve-racking experience. You put a lot of pressure on yourself around the people you like. You want things to go well. You want to deepen your connection. You’re hyper-focused on sending the right signals and saying the right things.

If she’s nervous around you, she might be fighting the same flurry of emotions. You make her happy, comfortable, anxious, and embarrassed all at the same time. It’s no surprise your interactions are a little awkward.

Awkwardness may seem like a bad sign, but it’s evidence of stronger feelings flowing both ways. She cares if you’re having a good time. She cares what you think of her. She may not be able to relax around you yet, but that’s only because you’re on her mind.

  1. Future Engagements

How do you know if a girl is interested in seeing you again? When a girl is interested in deepening your connection, she’ll show her interest by hinting at future engagements. She might say something like, “I’m free tomorrow night.” Or “I don’t have much going on this weekend.”

Comments like these create opportunities for you to nail down concrete plans. She wants you to say, “Great, let’s do something tomorrow,” or “Do you want to hang out this weekend?” If a girl is making plans, chances are she’s interested in you. You can take a deep breath, knowing things are going well. But that doesn’t mean you should drag your feet.

If you wait too long to organize your next engagement, her feelings for you might fizzle. So, capitalize quickly on any opportunities she gives you. That way, you build momentum and push your relationship in the right direction.

  1. Physical Signals

Men aren’t the only ones who show physical interest. Women convey just as many physical signals, but those signals aren’t always obvious. Some girls will touch your arm or mirror your body language, but others rely on small and subtle cues. For example, when a girl is thinking of you, she’ll move closer to you over time.

At the beginning of your conversation, she may be sitting a friendly distance away. But after an hour, she’s entered your personal space. Sometimes, these subtle physical signals demonstrate unconscious attraction. She may not realize how much closer the two of you are sitting. Other times, completely intentional. Either way, physical closeness displays comfort, confidence, and attraction. So, pay attention to the distance between you. If it closes by the minute, this girl cares more about you than you think.

  1. Gravitating Gaze

When you like someone, your eyes gravitate toward them. The moment they walk into the room, you stare without thinking twice. There’s no one you’d rather look at, because in your mind they are the most attractive person in the world.

Guys are well known for staring. They have a hard time taking their eyes off the girls they like. But girls are no different. Sure, they’re a little more subtle. But you can often tell who a girl is thinking about by the direction of her gaze. If a girl is thinking about you, she’ll find every excuse to look in your direction.

In other words, she wants to look at you, just like you want to look at her; but she doesn’t want to get caught. She doesn’t want to make her feelings too obvious, so she steals glances in secret and stares when you’re looking the other way. Occasionally, you might catch her staring. If it happens one time, no big deal. It probably doesn’t mean anything. But if it happens multiple times, almost like she’s staring whenever you look away, it’s no coincidence. This girl can’t take her eyes off you, because you are the only person on her mind.

  1. Fishing for Answers

Has she ever pried about your relationship status? If a girl is thinking about you, she cares whether you’re on or off the market. If you have a girlfriend, she doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. But if you’re single, she may have more confidence displaying her feelings and strengthening your connection.

This is true, but there’s an even simpler reason why she’s asking about your relationship status. She’s asking because that question is constantly on her mind. Does he have a girlfriend? Is he single? Does he like me? She’s sitting there wondering if she has a shot with you or not. In this situation, the best thing you can do is give an honest answer. You don’t need to lie about your relationship status or play games to attract her attention. If you’re single, tell her you’re single. Truly, she’ll want to know.

  1. Playful Teasing

Guys aren’t the only ones who tease the people they like. Women do the same thing when they’re interested in someone. They’ll joke with you and tease you because she wants to show interest and affection. But there’s more to it than that. She may be teasing you because she wants to see how you handle playful criticism.

Do you become insecure and defensive? Or do you play along and fire back? Some girls like to test what kind of person you are using jokes and banter. But their teasing comes from a good place. She likes joking and laughing with you because you mean more to her than you realize.

  1. Personal Details

Has she ever expressed personal details about her life? Girls don’t talk about their personal lives, unless they’re talking to someone they care about. She may be vulnerable with you because you have been on her mind constantly.

She sees you as someone she can trust and confide in. She wants to get to know you better, and she wants you to get to know her. If you run into a situation like this, it’s important to be vulnerable in return. She doesn’t want to be the only one sharing personal details. In fact, she may be sharing personal details to encourage you to share details of your own.

In other words, she cares about who you are and what your life is like. Chances are, she’s been wondering about these things for a while. So, if you feel the same way, be vulnerable with her when she’s vulnerable with you.  Because that vulnerability takes your connection to another level.

  1. Making Sacrifices

If you’re always on her mind, she will find ways to spend time with you, no matter what. Sometimes, that means making plans on short notice. Other times, it’s canceling plans so the two of you can hang out. If she’s willing to make these sacrifices for you, that’s a big deal.

She’s reorganizing her life so the two of you can do something together.

And that speaks volumes about her feelings for you. So, don’t take these sacrifices for granted. She’s going the extra mile for you because you are constantly on her mind.

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