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[REVIEW] Wakanda Nation – 100% Scam

by bottlez

Wakanda Nation might seem legit to some but to DopeArena, IT IS A SCAM!!! 💯

Wakanda Nation is a news forum that gives you the opportunity to interact with millions of Nigerians online, make money and stay updated with trends and real-time happenings all reported from top sources!

You start by paying a subscription fee of ₦1,300 to start earning on the site but this is not a lifetime fee. It lasts for only four months. Ideally you are supposed to be paid for every post you make but the team from the backend selects the posts it sees worthy of payment. That is, you can post 50 articles a day and get paid for just one. The only guaranteed form of earning is daily login which is ₦50; for this reason one has to be very active to meet up the withdrawal threshold of ₦4,000.

Also withdrawal process can take weeks if you are able to reach the threshold. On the other hand, if you are close to your threshold amount and unfortunately your subscription expires, your account would not be upgraded after re-subscribing. We feel because they sense you are close to withdrawal and if they are to upgrade your account you will cash out soon.

Here is a text conversation between one of our trial accounts and wakanda nation.
Our theory was they wanted to upgrade the account but when they realised the user was close to withdrawal they went mute and up till this day the account has not been upgraded neither has wakanda nation responded

Most of our reviews are based on experiences and may seem sentimental but you have to be told the honest truth. Save yourself the heartbreak 💔 and look for another online platform to earn

Thank You!


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