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15 Life Lessons Poor Parents Teach Their Kids

by bottlez
15 Life Lessons Poor Parents Teach Their Kids

Poor parents can’t teach their kids how to be rich. Growing up poor you receive many counterproductive advices from people you look up to. Let’s see just how many of these you were taught. Here are 15 lessons poor people teach their kids

1. You Need to Work for Money

Calm down okay, they didn’t know any better. If you’re going to work for money, you will be forever poor. You earn money by solving problems for other people. It’s a very different way of thinking. The bigger the problem you can solve the extra money you will get for your solution.

If diligence was all it took to urge rich people working in construction in July, they would be billionaires.

2. Study Hard so you Get a Decent Paying Job and Become Rich

Probably the biggest lie our generation was told was that in order to get rich you have to get a good paying job like a Doctor or a Lawyer (high status job), an upper middle-class car. That is what your parents want for you. In reality the only way to get rich is by starting a business.

The richest Doctors in the world – they own medical businesses and pharmaceutical companies. The richest lawyers in the world – they own the law firms where good salary lawyers work. Getting good grades has little to no impact on your professional career in the age of information abundance and this is why ‘A students’ end up working for ‘C students’

3. Always Impede Expenses

You will never get rich by spending less. The only way to build fortunes is by dramatically improving your income. It doesn’t matter if you spend ₦10,000 on coffee daily. If you’re earning 10 times what your lifestyle costs and sure saving and being financially disciplined it makes a lot of sense. But it’s actually about the income

Money coming in solves everything. You should aim to have more than enough money to support yourself. Invest some and enjoy the rest

4. Everyone Rich is Corrupt

Now this is often pretty common with the previous generation. In their time, only crooks had money. Mobsters, thieves, people doing shady things at dusk and dawn but that’s no longer the case. Everything has been democratized. You can start any kind of business in barely a few days and make a ton of money doing it in the age of the internet fame.

Money and access to it are available to anyone. You could build a brand on Instagram or YouTube; you can outsource production and you’ll learn how to do all of it in your pyjamas. That’s why we have 20-year olds making millions annually. Instagram celebrities with billion-dollar net worth and more.

By portraying everyone rich as evil or corrupt poor people make themselves feel better by their lack of ability to achieve financial success. In order that they try to flip the script by being morally superior they’re not. There’s no nobility in poverty.

5. All Self-Help is Bullshit

This comes from those that have no problem advising you to travel into ₦100,000 worth of debt in order to major in social studies but spending ₦1,000 for someone to show you how they are doing what they do, that’s a scam.

We live in the age of information abundance you’ll find everything online for free. What’s not readily available is scarce and scarcity demands a premium that’s why experts charge such a lot for an hour of their time. They need time-tested wisdom applicable to you directly.

Allow other people to find the information you need at this moment in your life and you will save yourself years of trying to find it yourself.

6. Your Destiny is Out of Your Hands

The poorer you’re the more religious you become. Why because there is no alternative so you pray there’s a Heaven and that you’ll be rewarded for your mediocrity. These are the identical people that believe the earth’s position round the sun at the moment of their birth determines their compatibility or how their future should be. There are millions of people born in September and they think the sign speaks to them. That’s one among the main reasons that separates the haves from the have have-nots.

The power to craft your own destiny – you are not supposed to be a spectator in life. You’re alleged to craft a story worth telling

7. You Cannot Make it in Life without Connections

Poor people cut the wings of creatives of talent because they believe there is a group of individuals that regulate all the fame, all the success, all the cash, and they want it all for themselves. But the truth is people are always trying to find opportunities to grow.

Do great work, show it to people then get back to work. Share it openly and if people think it’s good, they’ll care. These connections poor people speak of will come to you to take a seat alongside your fame and by that point, you’ll realize you don’t actually need them.

8. In Life you Get What You Deserve

Not really. You see bullies get older to live wonderful lives with zero repercussions for his or her past actions. Some of them end up becoming presidents of the Free World. You don’t actually deserve anything in life. You receive what you create for yourself.

Create opportunities; create wealth; build a loving family. That’s why most people are single. The person you’re right now isn’t actually worthy of someone and look that’s okay. You’ve got some flaws, you’ll get up off the couch, you’ll fix them and life will start watching you differently. Stop being entitled because nobody owes you anything.

9. Listen to Your Elders

Now this used to be true when humanity lived in tribes. Old people had valuable wisdom to share because they were the ones who survived all the wars. Well fast forward to today and old people are so out of touch with reality that their opinion is irrelevant. Their advice – it sounds good but it doesn’t work the way we do.

Time has changed the way we discover romance, has changed the way we communicate. Your elders can only offer you advice based on how to be a decent human being but as long as they are which you know it narrows it down even more. An extension to the present lesson is put others first is meant to point out how well educated you are.  Run this experiment for years and you will realize how people are taking advantage of you

10. Sunday’s the Lord’s Day to Rest

Want to find out a secret that poor people don’t know? Money is formed on Sundays when all the poor people are taking the time off. You make progress in life when other people aren’t working. These are crucial to wealth creation.

You’ll learn everything you would like to know about wealth by learning the principles of wealth building. Even God took the seventh day off. Well that’s because he created the universe within the previous six days and wanted to work out how it all played out. You didn’t do sh*t for six days and you would like to rest on Sundays. You’re what 26, 30, whatever age you’re, WHAT ARE YOU TAKING A BREAK FROM HONESTLY?

Look back honestly on the week you’re complaining about soo much and you’ll realize it was actually more complaining than work. For every Sunday you work you’re getting an extra week ahead. Work every Sunday for a year and you will likely be over one year ahead before everyone else

11. People Like Us Cannot Be Rich

Once again with these limiting beliefs. The problem we have with these kinds of inputs growing up is it actually takes years to beat them and rid yourself of what your heroes implanted in your mind.

Growing up you think that your mom and dad knows everything. They proclaim they do it all out of affection in order to protect you from the harsh reality out there but guess what, you are going to have to live in that reality regardless of whatsoever. So you might as well learn to navigate it well. Honestly it no longer matters the colour of your skin, your gender, your religion, where you were born or what you’re into as long as it isn’t illegal.

We’re not all born equal but you’ve got a better shot today than any time before in human history.

12. This is How We Do Things in this House

“While you’re under this roof, you listen to whatever I say”. But what if what they’re saying is nonsense or counterproductive? What if the home is so shitty because we keep doing things the identical shitty way?? Why don’t we try things differently and then the pride kicks in and ‘yada yada yada’ poor people skew toward familiarity even if the familiar is damaging them in the long run.

They stay in abusive relationships because they’re familiar; they stick with that job that doesn’t pay them enough because it’s familiar; they spit out the identical weak advice because that’s what their parents told them and it’s familiar but the reality is it traps you and everybody  around you in this same mundane reality.

13. Try to Fit In as Much as Possible

They want you to be average. They need you to not stand out. They even tell you why can’t you be like this other kid or like your cousin or brother or sister. They compare you to others. They ask how your classmates did on the test to work out where you fall on the respect scale but funny enough later into adulthood, standing out is what gets you the large wins, the dream life, the cash, the success, the fame.

The less you are like everyone else the better off you are. There are too many of everyone else. The sole way you can compete is by being as faithful yourself as possible while everyone else is trying to be like everybody else. Being yourself is extraordinary – that’s your competitive advantage. Now all you’ve got to do is figure out how to be yourself.

14. Better Safe Than Sorry

They tell you to play it safe – always take the safe path. Never do anything too risky or something that would put you in danger. With poor parents, it is a conservation mechanism as they do not need another thing to stress about especially if money is tight.

But look, you play it safe long enough and you finish up without a personality, without memories, without friends because the simplest friends are the ones you went through adventures with. They say better safe than sorry but on a long run, playing it safe is what results in being sorry.

15. There’s not Enough To Go Around

Poor parents think money is restricted; everything is restricted; there’s not enoughfor everybody. They think that if you getsomething somebody else is left withoutlife may be a zero-sum game and they teachthis scarcity mindset to their kids.

Theyprogram it into their mind that if youwere to form money other people would gobroke due to you. They assume there’s just one pie outthere but in life you’ll bake as manypies as you would like. You could own a bakery.If you want, you could teach others tohow to bake.

You’ll give away your pies forfree if that is what you’d like to do. Thepie only grows bigger and larger because nothingis stopping you from doing the identical.

What percentage of these did you encounter growing up and what other bad advice did your poor parents offer you? Let us know in the


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