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The Ultimate Guide For Young Men | Get Your Life Together

So you’re at the point in life where you are feeling as if you need to start getting things found out but somehow almost certainly thanks to your ignorance and sloth, things just never started coming together for you and you spend all of your free time on TikTok.

We cannot do anything about your sloth, but after reading this article hopefully, you will not be quite so ignorant about getting your life together.

1. Get your underlying stats up

The part of the rationale you are feeling so anxious and helpless is because you’ve got it in your head that you’re worthless, maybe not completely worthless, but people your age are miles better than you, and both you and they realize it. You’ve got to be somewhat awesome or a minimum of well on your way there.

Your tasks are:

  • Take school seriously keep those grades high Lift weights
  • Eat a diet high in protein
  • Add muscle
  • Shed body fat
  • Dress better
  • Get a decent haircut

2. Learn to cook

If you do not have skills to fix your car – you’ll take it to a mechanic and be pretty sure they’ll do a competent job. If you do not have skills to nourish yourself, you’ll attend a restaurant and while they’ll do a competent job of creating your taste buds happy, they sure as hell aren’t getting to confirm your body is fueling itself with the right mixture of macronutrients.

Learning to form cheap healthy food taste goodwill do such a lot to enhance your day-to-day experience that it’s unreal.

3. Get your headspace right

Most of you have convinced yourself that you simply have some quiet depression. Maybe you are doing, maybe you do not but either way your batteries are probably sitting on the low. Meaning you are not getting to want to try to do much of anything.

Okay. Fine. You are going to possess tons of free time of which you have to stop filling it with crap. The key is to avoid short-term dopamine hits because those will make your brain chemistry even worse

4. No adult content

Seriously that habit rewires your brain you would like to be attracted to see a cute girl your age wearing a pleasant outfit, not endure yourself to the feminine form such a lot that you simply can only get hard if you’re watching a dozen black dudes in horse masks tag team a midget. That is what happens when the normal stuff stops doing it for you and therefore the normal stuff isn’t that normal anyway.

5. No video games

For many of you, this may be downright impossible. So, for instance, don’t quit, half-hour to start with, and if you are going to play attempt to play with someone that you simply know instead of just sitting there alone.

The more you begin getting your things together the more you are going to understand video games are an enormous waste of your time unless they seem to be a group activity and the more you begin to move up social circles that have successful people in them, the more you are going to understand that winners do other things besides play video games once they get together.

6. No caffeine

Coffee is a crutch and no one learns the way to walk much less run if they’re stuck counting on a crutch. If you’re drinking soda cut that out immediately, it’s about the worst stuff you’ll possibly fuel your body with and it will rot the teeth out of your head.

7. Learn from folks that you admire – not folks that you disdain

There are many people out there that do have their life together and they are quite willing to inform you about ways they did it for free of charge during this day and age, the sole excuse for not knowing the way to do some basic research is not having the willingness to hunt it out.

8. Build mental strength

Here’s something tons of individuals do not realize within the absence of major trauma like getting to war or losing a parent and not losing a girlfriend is nowhere near being within the same ballpark, women are replaceable.

Once you’ve broken through a specific sort of social anxiety, it’s gone forever. There’s little to no backsliding. Desensitization technique is that the thing that scares you a touch bit it’d take three or fourfold before it stops scaring you in the least but once that problem has been solved, it’s solved permanently

9. Alcohol and weed

Tons of individuals will tell you that alcohol and weed will help loosen you up, while people will tell you that weed and alcohol are vices that distract way to many of us far away from their purpose, each side is correct.

This is often a nuanced subject; will these drugs open you up socially. Yes, the weed also can cause you to be a paranoid wreck and keep you inside on the couch. Do these drugs give your charisma score a boost?

No, if you cannot ask women because you’ve got social anxiety but are otherwise a stimulating person, alcohol might help open you up, but if women don’t need to speak to you because you are boring, alcohol won’t help much in the long run.

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Updated: June 23, 2022 — 10:18 pm

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