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[MUSIC] Maua Sama – Zamani

by John Ocholi

Tanzanian songstress Maua Sama’s latest single, “Zamani,” is a captivating blend of Afropop and R&B sensibilities. The track paints a vivid picture of longing and nostalgia, evoking memories of a lost love.

Dive into the song’s soundscape:

  • Sultry Vocals: Maua Sama’s voice is the star of the show, delivering the lyrics with a sultry and emotive tone that perfectly captures the song’s theme.
  • Nostalgic Production: The production is lush and atmospheric, with shimmering synths, a driving beat, and subtle guitar accents that create a warm and inviting soundscape.
  • Lyrical Depth: The lyrics tell the story of a love that has been lost but not forgotten, with Maua Sama expressing her longing for her former lover and the memories they shared.
  • Catchy Melody: The song features a catchy and memorable melody that will stay with you long after the first listen.


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