AfriAdverts REVIEW 2019

This is a review of Afriadverts advertising – one of the leading advertising network in Nigeria
Adsense is the no. 1 advertising network in the world (to me it is second to none). Due to their strict policies, many bloggers (publishers) have been denied approval and this I know can be very devastating.
There are other advertising networks in the market ranging from, propellarads, infolinks, among others and in Nigeria ranging from adsnaija, adquet, docahse, afriadverts.
AfriAdverts connects business owners with web publishers and influential marketers willing to advertise their business to their target audience at a better, simplified and affordable price.
Getting verification and approval by them is very easy. After signing up and implementing the tracking code it takes about 24hours (or less) to be approved. After which you are to create ad codes to implement on your site and start earning



Most advertising network in Nigeria have a Per Per Click (PPC) rate of about $0.02 but afriadverts Pay Per Click (PPC) is about $0.06. Another major issue publishers face nowadays is the payout process due to a lot of fraudulent advertising networks in the market. Some block your account when you are close to your payout period with no credible reason and no avenue for appeal. Afriadverts pay their publishes the required earnings on time

Here is a payment proof uploaded on their facebook page.

On the other, hand afriadverts can only block your account when certain actions are detected

  1. Clicking the ads on your own site or application
  2. One or more users repeatedly clicking the ads on your site, or application
  3. Generating or receiving automated or bot traffic
  4. Using an incentivized traffic source
  5. Manipulating how ads are served
  6. Encouraging users to support your site, or application through ad interaction
  7. Ad placement deceptive for users or generating accidental clicks
  8. Ads embedded in applications
  9. Pornographic, adult, or mature content
  10. Deceptive ad placement
This blockage can be reverted after an appeal has been made over a period of time. Such appeal also has to be coherent by the afriadverts team


In conclusion
Pros of Afriadverts

  • Quick approval process
  • Good PPC/PPM rate
  • Reactivation of banned account after appeal
  • Quick payout process
Cons of Afriadverts
  • Slow replies to emails

Afriadverts is an advertising network dopearena recommends as a sure alternative to Adsense.
You can signup by clicking HERE

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