adquet review
adquet review

Adquet is one of the prominent advertising networks in Nigeria but sadly it is known by only a handful of advertisers and publishers.

Adquet has a CPC of about ₦6 to ₦7.5 and does not discriminate blogs of different categories. Adquet is very much like ngadverts because I found out they have a similar database as well as CPC.
Many Publishers have tagged adquet as a ‘SCAM’ advertising network due to their delays in payment but I tell you no matter how long it might take, they surely pay. Below is a proof of payment as well as pending payments.



  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • Payment thresshold of 2500
  • Hardly ban users without any credible reason


  • Low CPC of ₦6 to ₦7.5
  • No specific payment date as well as long delay in payment
  • Delay in email replies

Can signup to adquet HERE

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