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Why You Should Stay Single in Your 20s

by bottlez

If you are single in your 20’s – That is the best thing that could ever happen to you. But still, at any certain point of your life, if you feel connected to someone that inspires you, you must definitely try to stay with them. When a person suddenly enters into your life and makes your dreams their dreams nothing is better than this. They will make all efforts to get your dreams fulfilled. And at the same time, they will become your strength and weakness. This weakness will create a sense of fear, which is very much necessary at this tender age as it will keep you within legal boundaries, and in response help you achieve your goals.

Being SINGLE could rise you to the peak. The 20’s is the time when You are in the PRIME of Your Youth! You are no longer a gawkish adolescent but a confident, self-assured Adult! ‘So if You miss love in Your 20’s, You MISS LIFE by a mile!’ – For Most Young people, if not ‘committed’ love culminating in a life-long relationship is THE ultimate end game in life!

Pro’s of Intimate Relationships in the 20’s:

You feel ‘THE BEST’ You have ever felt! The more You give love the more You receive! You are pleasurably LOST in Your own world and eternal time and space. So nothing bothers You! You become responsible enough to plan to build a ‘Nest’ for You Both! Everything looks rosy and romantic! Life becomes much more bearable!

Cons of Intimate Relationships in the ’20s:

The early 20’s are NOT the right time to choose a partner, one is still somewhat immature and not prepared to take on the hardships of life. For most boys, a stable or rewarding Career is not set until the mid or late 20’s. Hence often than not disapproval from the girl’s parents. 

For girls, Societal pressure to Marry becomes too bothersome around the late 20’s, and their ‘biological clock’ to conceive safely without complications starts ticking alarmingly. Most gals and boys in relationships are Peers – same age, locality, workplace, position, etc. so ‘Life after Marriage’ becomes ‘Not as Great’, due to greater expectations post Marriage. 

The rising divorce rate among ‘Love-Marriage’ couples overestimated their ‘compatibility’ and underestimated their differences.

Pros of Being Single in the 20’s:

More focussed on building a rewarding career. A relationship takes care of itself sometime later! One becomes more mature or responsible and emotionally stable! One start realizing the value of a love and relationship!

Cons of Being Single in the 20’s:

One becomes too lonely and depressed! Life becomes boring and monotonous! One experiences ‘heartburn’ seeing other couples enjoy!

No, it’s not worth actively seeking a relationship during these young adult years. Young adult years are considered to be the prominent years of determining your future because in these years you are highly unlikely to: Have credit or debit; have parenting responsibilities; know what you want to pursue.

This is your golden opportunity to establish your identity and well-being. Because of the three factors above of which one needs to personally take into heavy consideration, see yourself trying to discover and settle your life first, having the need to prioritize it first before adding another person to/it.

A lot of people lose their way just because they no longer are with a certain person, and you shouldn’t really be reliant on another being for yourself. An advice would be to not put a timescale, or agenda, on anything – especially when it comes to relationships. It may be a well-worn cliché, but life is for living, and it’s important to make the most of it, while you can.

Your 20’s can be a defining part of your life, It’s a time when you make decisions that can have an effect on what happens, or what you do, later on in your life – whether that’s your career, your friendships, your home life, and your relationships. For this latter point, don’t rush into anything and don’t shackle yourself to a certain way of living.

Always strive to enjoy your life and have fun – if that to you means staying single, then do that, but also keep an open mind when it comes to the opposite sex: you never know when you might bump into that person who is a great match for you.

Your feelings and desires can change quickly, and where you were once content to stay on your own, there may well come a time when you yearn to share your life with someone special. The opposite can apply too: you might want to date and look for ‘the one’, but things could change and you could find yourself longing for the single life again.

Go with the flow and leave yourself open to all possibilities. There is no timetable or a strict set of rules when it comes to living a full and wholesome life.


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