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Is Your Relationship Affected by Your Appearance?

by bottlez

A sad but true way to know if you’re good-looking is if people are nice to you. If you get free things or extra help that makes people obviously go out of their way it’s also a sign. Sometimes if you are extremely good-looking, people can’t help it and they will just tell you straight to your face, Like all the time.

Keep in mind that if people don’t tell you you’re good looking on the street it doesn’t mean you aren’t good-looking. How do looks affect your relationship?

Beginning of the relationship

There is a reason why Tinder became so popular as soon as it was released. Don’t forget there were other websites that would have got people a better “match” based on their characteristics, likes, and dislikes. But Tinder took the dating world by storm. Do you like how someone looks? Swipe Right. You don’t like how someone looks? Swipe Left.

Easy peasy.

Even the pretty girls at the bars were the first ones to be picked up. And girls get attracted to good-looking guys. That’s just the first thing that you notice about someone. How they look. And now please don’t tell me “But she should like me as I am, why should I make an effort?”

Would you go to a job interview shabbily dressed? Of course not. So if you are trying to impress someone, well, just try a little bit. The face is the first thing that attracts anyone’s attention positively. You’ve got to take care of it. Simple things like styling your hair, trimming your beard, and brushing your teeth will get you most of the way there, but one thing most guys miss and that women always notice is when a guy isn’t taking care of his skin.

Midway in a relationship

Looks don’t matter as much as appearances do. The difference is quite simple. Ever had a friend show a picture of her crush to you, and you find them just average? And then your friend says these golden words – “Pictures don’t do him justice. Just wait till you see him in real life”. Because “in real life” you bring your entire being. Your looks, your choice of clothing, your humour, your walk, your talk, your genuine smile. The whole package.

When you reach this stage, you get a chance to make up for what you might be missing in your looks. And it’s simple.

Hint: Guys and girls, it would be nice to smell nice. Please smell nice.

After a few years in the relationship

As you get more and more habituated to your partner, looks really take a backseat. What becomes the most important is how compatible you are, how do you work as a unit, how much you love each other, and how much you help each other grow. Physical attraction definitely matters, but looks don’t drive a relationship. It’s not all about the looks.

Take a look at the Depp – Amber situation. Just saying.

credit: sanq4


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