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The No. 1 Mistake No Man Must Never Make

by bottlez

Eventually, you are going to realize that she is just a human being. You will discover that all of that effort was little more than self-humiliation. The relationship is unlikely to survive this realization. You should be looking for someone who will treat you as if you matter just as much as she does. If you cannot find someone like that, then just focus on being a better person yourself.

Lift weights. Get out of the house and do things. Treat everyone with respect and in a fair manner. Keep some money in the bank. Over time develop a good career. Do not let anyone push you around, but do not push anyone else around either. Make yourself a better person and eventually, someone will notice.

The most painful mistake most men make is – Making women your life purpose. When doing that you will go through the biggest ride of your life and in due time you will realize the age-old truth that men always need a true purpose in life and women are only the company on your journey.

The point is – Never focus on making a woman happy as the only goal or purpose in life. Starve your distractions. Feed your focus, Willpower is an important & learnable skill. If you can hold on to your temptations, not give in easily, and practice delayed gratification, the quality of your life will be top-notch. Don’t bother with women who aren’t enthusiastic & excited to see you. It’s an uphill battle. Don’t just cut ties with the woman who mistreated you, also cut ties with the version of you who allowed them to.

Not worrying about finding a girlfriend & simply living the best life you possibly can is self-care. It’s okay to walk away from the things you love if loving them is breaking you. Be willing to walk away when any situation steals your energy, Slow down if you’re burning out, yes, but do so to get on the fast track again. Decide to be crazy creative, act like it, & your reality will bend to your wishes.

Don’t hate yourself for not knowing what you felt like you needed to know “way back then“. Be appreciative of what has been made now, then move forward with strength. Chose resilience to unlock the brilliance of your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. What matters is how you move on from it, Chasing pleasure is costing you future peace. Focusing on pleasure will leave you emptier than you’ve ever been. Prioritize your peace, Just Chill bro!

To find the love of your life you should never really “chase” someone. When you are trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already lost the aspect of genuine love. If it’s not mutual, I don’t feel it to be pure love. If someone does not recognize you for who you are, the chase is not worth it, even if you are able to convince her later.

Look at her behaviour, and the vibes she is giving to you. Sometimes women indirectly give signs of liking. Better if you can catch those signs to proceed further & that’s not “chasing”, that’s called pursuing a woman, there is a difference. However, if you are looking for casual relationships, then yes, probably there will be multiple men like you who are chasing after her & you will have to be the first to win over her.

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