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5 Green Flags Every Girl Wants You

by bottlez
5 Flags Every Girl Wants You

1. Have a nice-looking body

Men are blessed with Testosterone of which they can use them in many ways. The best way to use them is to go to the gym. Let’s face it, men don’t look great because their skin is hard, and on average can get five or six out of ten.

But to overcome it, they can build big muscles. Girls like guys with muscle, because having muscle gets you confidence and girls love confidence. Also, when you have nice muscles and have confidence then sometimes the girl will approach you and you have to just maintain the conversation and play the game well.

Girls do check out guys’ bodies before, if you have a nice body and frame it is a major green flag for you. Girls don’t like fat boys; you will find chubby chasers’ websites where they look for fat girls but vice versa is not really true.

2. Have a purpose in life

Guys see girls as beautiful objects and girls see guys as Success objects. If you are successful then eventually girls will be attracted to you. Success means money, if you have the money you can do anything in this world. With the money, you can kill boredom by traveling, watching movies, and doing any fun activities.

Girls’ lives are dull, they don’t know how to have fun as they are driven by their emotions all the time. They are emotional beings; they are so buried in their thoughts that someone has to pull them out and save them. That’s why many girls go to parties and for movies and outings so that they can escape their thoughts.

So if you are a highly motivated person and have a purpose in life, the first thing is that you will have confidence and second you will ignore girls for your own mission and girls want that. You may have seen that whenever a boy who is constantly around the girl for all her needs gets rejected more easily than a boy who rarely talks with her.

Girls like to wait because this feeds their emotional thoughts. So develop this green flag of having a mission and a purpose in life.

3. Cooking

Regardless of gender, everyone must know how to cook to survive. Let’s face it, due to this feminism, many women don’t cook. They either order from somewhere or eat an instant meal like noodles.

There are only a few girls out there who can cook and take care of the house as our moms did. But nowadays girls can’t cook. By learning how to cook, you will get benefits. First, you will eat healthy food, and second, girls will be attracted to you.

Sometimes guys like girls who do boys things like driving a bike or car, fighting, sometimes it is attractive, thus the same goes for girls. Also cooking will help you in saving money and maintaining your health.

4. Explore

If you are an introvert and you can’t face the world then it shows the girl that you are not confident. As a man, you are the one who speaks, in any situation your word will be the final. It is okay not to go out and talk with everyone, but where ever you are and with whomever, you are you should be able to start a conversation and talk about something.

Being shy is the work of women and not men. That’s why you should be a good speaker, read some books on how to become a great speaker, and practice the tips given in real life. At first, you don’t have to talk about deep things but a basic general conversation about the weather, etc.

In this way, by regular practice, you can become a good speaker and in the future, you will become so confident that you will approach any random girl on the street without any fear of rejection.

5. Being a family man

By being a family man means that you should be connected with your family very well. You should have a good relationship with your family members. Girls see this as a sign of trust, it means that when you will take her to your home, you will introduce her to everyone and she can trust you.

It can also be like this that you can connect very well with your girl’s family.  If your relationship with your family is not so nice, then connect with them and forgive them, after all they are your family,

Be a good man with values, a strong family bond, and spread goodness, you will surely attract the right girl with all the green flags.

credit: sanq4


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