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FORTITUDE (by Akase Mimi)

by John Ocholi
You had a perfect life, everything was moving exactly the way you wanted, you make plans and try to achieve them.
Every day had it’s routine different from others you had those little things you loved doing, nice places you enjoyed going and those favourite people you always hang out with. Then one day, life hits you so hard, it changed every damn thing you know and replaced them with unfamiliar ones, it changed your routine into many strange ones, it turns into someone entirely different, it takes you someplace you’ve never been and even your favourite people gradually disappear.
You cry every day and wish you were someone else, you hope things will come back to normal soon, days turn to weeks, weeks to months and before you know it’s a year and counting. You become a human traffic accident that everyone is slowing down to see the damage. You lose so many things, your dreams now seem out of reach, those voices in your head keep telling you it’s over, there’s no hope, no progress, no change.
Don’t listen to them, look back at your life and say “I’m a survivor, I survived where others couldn’t.”
Think about this “Why didn’t you die that day?” Simple, life is preparing you for something great and decides to attach a story behind you. Life is truly difficult and pain is one thing we humans can’t outrun there’s always more after the last. Life throws everything hard at you, when it does, catch it mould it into HOPE and throw it back, fight back, prove that you have the ability to win in any situation.
As long as you have breath in you there’s hope. Things will not go back to how it was before, it will change to what you never imagined, in a good way of course if not why did you even go through all of that. You’ll be fine, you’ll be alright no matter how long it takes you’ll get through, and when you finally do you’ll smile and tell someone “I did it” so don’t you dare give up.

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Unknown February 20, 2019 - 7:30 pm

This is really great. Weldon ❤


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