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[ARTICLE] Don’t be a fig tree-like Christian – By David E. Abah

by bottlez
David E. Abah

The master (Jesus) was hungry & so he saw a fig-tree but on getting closer he realized the fig-tree had fresh leaves on the outside but it had no fruit on the inside to quench the taste of the master at that time, the fig tree deceptive disposition infuriated the master (Jesus Christ) so much that he had to lay a curse of generational barrenness on the fig tree.

Today so many socalled Christian’s are like the fig tree, they were described in 2Tim 3:5 as those who have a form of godliness but denying its power. Mary was able to see the Holy Spirit & ably receive & then birth Jesus Christ because she had a life that was fit for the masters purpose. Likewise Joseph he was a true Christian and that was why God could appear to him in the dream & reveal the true situation of things about his fiancee to him.
To the world David was a common shepherd boy but he was physically and spiritually fit for the masters purpose when it came, if David had failed like the fig-tree it means Goliath would have had his way with the isrealites, it means his lineage would never have smelled kingship. What of Joseph? what of Daniel? what of the disciples? What of Moses? What of Gideon? There were all fit for the masters purpose when he required them the most. What of you? Will you be fit for his purpose today if he beckons on you today? Will you or do you have the fruits of the holy spirit that can quench the masters taste for more souls? Just like Joseph is your life with God good enough to make him reveal to you the situation and solutions to your marriage problem ? Just like David can you take up the frontline against spiritual golliaths of poverty, stagnation, spinsterhood/bachelorhood & demonic oppression in your family today? Just like Moses are you qualified to seek his face at the burning bush, just so that you can be able to deliver your your people from the Egyptians of this world? Whose taste are you quenching, the master (Jesus) taste or the taste of Satan?


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