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The 2019 Election Postponement & The Different Shades of Grey

by bottlez
I detest the pretence & academic mannerism that greeted the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) chairman’s statement during the live interactive session at the National Conference Centre.
Some of the party actors while addressing the INEC chairman were very economical with the truth and the INEC chairman couldn’t even bring himself down to apologise officially to Nigerians. If nobody will say it I will say that Professor Mahmud led INEC is incompetent, they deserve to be stoned by Nigerians for waning our enthusiasm, waisting national time & resources, taking Nigerians for granted, technically creating voter apartheid & making Nigeria a laughing stock to the entire world. INEC has succeeded in providing a fertile ground for suspicion, conjectures & speculation. If INEC can deny party candidate because they couldn’t meet up with deadlines then it should also be held liable for doing the same.
Can we ever be serious in Nigeria for once? We had 4 yrs to prepare for this; at no time did INEC conduct a mock exercise to measure & surmount logistics challenges
Do u know how many people have travelled long distances to come back Monday and continue their hustle? who compensates them 4 their loss? Yet we don’t want Nigerians to sell their votes
Physiologically many people will lose enthusiasm & vigour and such will not vote next week. This decision implies that campaign continues, candidates & political parties now need to continue their jingles, mobilization & contracts; extra cost – so who bears all this cost?
Do they know the cost of this on the economy? Many business people were docile because no one expected postponement.
Some people have long fixed their wedding, birthday, launching & other engagements for 23rd Saturday who will refund their logistics expenditures? What about foreign observers & media team who are already on ground who will bear their cost?


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