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Xasthur – Inevitably Dark [ALBUM DOWNLOAD ZIP]

by John Ocholi

Transport yourself to a realm of dark emotion with the latest from acclaimed one-man black metal band Xasthur. Titled “Inevitably Dark,” this brand new 2023 album is now available as a free MP3 zip download. Xasthur’s haunting vocals and raw, melancholy melodies create an immersive world of isolation and despair.

Drenched in distortion, each track embraces bleak ambience and depressive black metal. Fans of Xasthur’s ghostly soundscapes will sink deep into the shadows of Inevitably Dark. Don’t miss this chance to download the full zip file of the new Xasthur album and lose yourself in its darkly hypnotic aura.


1. Affect/Infect
2. A Future To Fear II
3. Psychiatric Carelessness
4. Euphoric Bad Trip
5. Live Like a Broken Mirror
6. Trauma Fiends
7. Abandoned Intuition
8. Concrete Mattress
9. I’m Not Guilty of Your Past
10. Another Gutter
11. Inevitably Dark
12. Spectrum of Hate
13. Benefits of Dying Part 2
14. Mirroring Failure
15. Overdose On Diversions
16. Worse Than the Good Old Days
17. Blizzard Inside a Coma
18. HellRot
19. Hypnotized By Lies
20. Stigmatized Grave
21. Delusional Identities
22. Sing It At Your Funeral
23. Projection of Inferiority II

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