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[ALBUM] Nadine Shah – Filthy Underneath

by John Ocholi

Nadine Shah’s latest offering, “Filthy Underneath,”, isn’t just an album; it’s a cathartic journey through personal turmoil and triumphant self-discovery.

Expect a sonic and emotional odyssey:

  • Raw & Unflinching Lyrics: Shah doesn’t shy away from difficult themes, confronting grief, addiction, and self-doubt with stark vulnerability. Prepare for lyrics that resonate deeply and challenge you to confront your own vulnerabilities.
  • Genre-Bending Soundscapes: The album transcends categorization, seamlessly blending indie rock, folk, and even spoken word elements to create a unique and emotionally evocative soundscape.
  • Moments of Power & Resilience: Despite the dark themes, glimpses of hope and defiance shine through. Songs like “Twenty Things” and “Greatest Dancer” showcase Shah’s unwavering spirit and her determination to reclaim her narrative.
  • Critical Acclaim: “Filthy Underneath” has been met with widespread critical praise, lauded for its emotional honesty, genre-bending production, and Shah’s powerful vocals.


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: February 23, 2024
  • No of Tracks: 11
  • Copyright: An EMI North release; ℗ 2023 Universal Music Operations Limited
  • Apple Music | Spotify | Audiomack
1. Even Light
Nadine Shah
2. Topless Mother
Nadine Shah
3. Food For Fuel
Nadine Shah
4. You Drive, I Shoot
Nadine Shah
5. Keeping Score
Nadine Shah
6. Sad Lads Anonymous
Nadine Shah
7. Greatest Dancer
Nadine Shah
8. See My Girl
Nadine Shah
9. Twenty Things
Nadine Shah
10. Hyperrealism
Nadine Shah
11. French Exit
Nadine Shah
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