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[ALBUM] Lime Garden – One More Thing

by John Ocholi

“One More Thing” is the long-awaited sophomore album from Filipino indie pop darlings, Lime Garden. Five years after their promising debut, the Manila-based quartet expands their glossy Dreampop sound into glowing Technicolor. Shimmering synth- guitars fuse with electronic flourishes and tight vocal harmonies to transmit an iridescent joy.

Doubting cynical trends, Lime Garden daydream optimistic futures driven by community and creativity. With songwriting speaking to outcasts and idealists, “One More Thing” provides a glittering respite from harsh realities. Euphoric and visionary, this record cements Lime Garden as the Philippines’ leading purveyors of vibrant escapism.


  • Genre: Indie Pop
  • Release Date: February 16, 2024
  • No of Tracks: 10
  • Copyright: ℗ 2024 Lime Garden under exclusive license to So Young Records
  • iTunes Link
1. Love Song
Lime Garden
2. Mother
Lime Garden
3. Nepotism (baby)
Lime Garden
4. Pop Star
Lime Garden
5. Pine
Lime Garden
6. I Want To Be You
Lime Garden
7. Floor
Lime Garden
8. Fears
Lime Garden
9. It
Lime Garden
10. Looking
Lime Garden
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