Man O’ War Caught Stealing at Zion Hostel Unijos

man o war

At about 9pm on Tuesday (13/07/2021) the attention of security personnels was alarmed at Zion Hostel University of Jos about thieves who appeared to be a Man O’ War personnels.

It is a culture for when such devilish act is in motion-“Great Jossites” is echoed. This echo caught the attention of dwellers of the adjacent building popularly called “White House” who rushed to the rescue of the suspects, saving them from the hands of females students who were ready to devour them.

On reaching the suspects they told the ladies to keep calm because they suspected thieves were not who they say they were but rather personnels of Man O’ War.

This felt like a cooked up lie due to the fact that they had no means of identification to prove they belonged to the group and also the security officials at the gate of the hostel could not attest of any males coming into the hostel at that hour.

Stealing, robbing, colating has been going on for a long time an increasing these past few weeks in Zion hostel. It is a shame when one is finally caught for such excuse to arise. Some might say its the dwellers of ‘White House” that actually jump the fence and rob the peaceful citizens of zion hostel at night.

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