Why I’m neither a Christian nor a Muslim – Ajai Lycett

Why I’m neither a Christian nor a Muslim – Ajai Lycett

Veteran Nigerian actress, Taiwo Ajai- Lycett, has opened up on why she is neither a Christian nor a Muslim. In accordance with her, she is in opposition to organized faith as a result of not solely does it lobotomizes folks, making them to not assume straight, but it surely also creates concern in their minds.

The actress, who turned 80 lately, made this disclosure in an unique interview with TheNEWS to mark her eightieth birthday. Requested what she was since she was neither a Christian nor a Muslim, Ajai-Lycett stated:

“I’m against organized faith, the type of religion which can be lobotomizing folks; which can be creating concern of their minds. They’re making everyone become religious, they can’t assume straight.

“Everyone else goes to mars and the moon and the whole lot, we’re crying ‘Jesus Jesus.’ It’s bankrupt. Garbage. That’s idleness. All of the issues we‘ve stated, have you ever not seen the hand of God in my life?”

Nevertheless, the actress stated she believes there’s a common drive behind creation not as a result of she was instructed about it however as a result of she had skilled the common intelligence turned her life round. She narrated how although she was pregnant at 15 and rejected by her mother and father, she braced herself up and the common drive turned her misfortune into fortune. Not solely did she relocated to the UK, she ended up constructing a profession and turning into a well-known actress there and in Nigeria.

“I do know. It’s not perhaps. I don’t give it some thought. I do know. As a result of a 16 year old, a 20 year old couldn’t be making the type of choice I used to be making.  I was not a genius. I was not a very gifted baby. Like being an actor now.

Ajai-Lycett, who turned an actress by way of an opportunity encounter with the director of Wole Soyinka’s Lion and the Jewel –a play during which she debuted as an actress – whereas ready to maintain an appointment with a person who was “toasting” her in London,  stated the Common Intelligence should have had a hand in her not simply turning into an actor but additionally making a success of it.

“See how I turned an actor. What’s that all about? And I find yourself right here now. Who’s that intelligent? Who’s that type of architect that may sort of construct the type of life that I’ve now?  There must be a drive. I don’t assume we will argue that there’s a drive because how do we all appear? Is it due to our sperm? And right here we’re talking.

The veteran actress additionally stated she does have to go to church to imagine that there’s a common intelligence.

”Oh sure. I don’t have to go to church to inform me that. I’m living it. It’s occurring in my life. What faith teaches is fear. Go and hearken to what they’re saying: “Anyone who’s in the best way of my promotion, fire! God kill them!” Which God is it you’re worshiping? The God who created you and me is going to listen to me say that He should kill you. What sort of Father God is that? That’s what they do in churches,” she maintained.

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