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Scrawls – by Hunduh Fanen

by bottlez

You’ve poisoned my mind’s incline,
Led me down gradual decline and destruction.
The only understanding you postulate after feeding me these lies is that the more that I know,
the more I know that I don’t know.
I’m living a life I didn’t choose yet I’m called a failure because my talents lie out of school.
I’m sorry father,
I didn’t give up on my dreams,
I only gave up on your dreams for me.
I’ve lived my life for you for too long,
Watched you focus on life while you forget mine,
You say you want the best for me,
You’re absent, yet anytime I fail,
Its detest for me.

This school you say can’t do without me,
So why don’t I feel worthless without it?
I’ll tell you,
Life is school,
School isn’t life.
I’ve chased profanities, learning words,
Cramming letters,
To discover in the end they were just vanities.
Aristotle, Plato,
Archimedes, the Mede’s,
These ideas you feed my mind and force me to mould my life into,
As if my life were an experiment,
And this school was a laboratory.
I lie in this prison,
My mind which you’ve clogged
With clever misgivings,
A torture and pain,
I’ll rather die and on the day you come for me,
Do remember,
I wasn’t weak,
I just wasn’t strong enough for your education.


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