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[ALBUM] Kelela – Rave: N (The Remixes)

by bottlez
Kelela – Rave: N (The Remixes) cover art

“Rave: N (The Remixes)” sees avant-garde R&B songstress Kelela hand-picking remixes of tracks from her critically acclaimed 2023 album “Rave.”

This eclectic collection features reimagined versions by iconic dance music producers, transforming Kelela’s future soul and bass soundscapes into high-energy club heaters. Showcasing some of electronic music’s most innovative minds, “Rave: N (The Remixes)” spotlights Kelela as a muse for sonic experimentation. Her sultry vocals and vulnerable lyrics take on new dimensions in these creative remixes, designed to electrify dance floors. For fans of the original album or electronic music aficionados, this remix compilation amplifies Kelela’s singular style.


  • Genre: Electronic
  • Released on: February 09, 2024
  • Tracks: 20
  • Copyright: ℗ 2024 Warp Records
  • iTunes Link
1. Raven (feat. Bbymutha)
Kelela, Agazero & bbymutha
2. Contact
3. Closure (feat. Rahrah Gabor & Brazy)
Kelela, Flexulant, BAMBII, RAHRAH GABOR & Brazy
4. Holier (feat. Shygirl)
Kelela, Shygirl & JD. REID
5. Bruises
Kelela & SUCIA!
6. Washed Away (feat. LIV.E)
Kelela, Ethereal & Liv.e
7. Far Away
Kelela & DJ Swisha
8. Raven (feat. Rochelle Jordan)
Kelela, TYGAPAW & Rochelle Jordan
9. Sorbet
Kelela & LSDXOXO
10. Divorce
Kelela & DJ Manny
11. Fooley
Kelela, LEECH & Nightfeelings
12. Missed Call
Kelela & KYRUH
13. Happy Ending
Kelela & A.G
14. Let It Go
Kelela, Nguzunguzu & DJ GAY-Z
15. On the Run (feat. Thugpop)
Kelela, River Moon & ThugPop
16. Enough for Love
Kelela & Tayhana
17. Enough for Love
Kelela & Yaeji
18. Divorce (feat. Loraine James)
19. Far Away
Kelela & DJ LHC
20. Far Away (feat. Ms. Carrie Stacks)
Kelela, SUUTOO & Ms. Carrie Stacks
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