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Top 10 Scholarships for Asylum Seekers in France

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Top 10 Scholarships for Asylum Seekers in France


If you are an asylum seeker, it can be hard to find financial assistance. However, there is plenty of potential for scholarship programs in France and other parts of Europe that help cover the costs of higher education. Here are some top options for asylum seekers looking for a way to pay their way through school:

Just because you are an asylum seeker doesn’t mean that you can’t get financial assistance.

If you are an asylum seeker and have no degree, it is possible that you can still apply for a scholarship. You may be eligible for up to €5,000 worth of funding from the French government if you are looking for financial assistance in order to further your studies. The only requirement is that you must have lived in France for at least three years before applying for the scholarship.

There are also scholarships available for those who do not have any qualifications but who still wish to study abroad or obtain a new qualification such as a Masters degree program at one of France’s top universities like Paris Sorbonne University or EPHE University – Paris IX.

1. The ‘1% Fund’ Scholarship

The ‘1% Fund’ Scholarship is for asylum seekers who have been granted refugee status. It’s a postgraduate study scholarship, and it offers up to £2,000 per year for one or two years of full-time study in France. The minimum age requirement is 25 years old (or if you’re under 25 but have lived in France for five years).

The scholarship may also be used towards fees and other costs associated with your studies at a university or college in France.

2. The SCIE Social Care Scholarship

The SCIE Social Care Scholarship is a two-year scholarship that’s open to asylum seekers and refugees. You can apply for this scholarship if you’re studying social care, which means that you’ll be able to attend college in France.

If you want more information about how to apply for this scholarship, check out our article on how to get into higher education in France here.

3. The Reach Oxford Scholarship

The Reach Oxford Scholarship is a one-year scholarship that provides financial support to outstanding asylum seekers from outside Europe to pursue their studies at Oxford University.

The aim of this scholarship is to promote education and training among people who may have experienced persecution, violence or human rights abuses in their countries of origin.

Who can apply?

The Reach Oxford Scholarship is open to applicants who are applying for an undergraduate degree at either Oxford or New College, as well as for Masters courses at either institution. Applications are also welcome from people studying other subjects (such as medicine), but these applicants must be non-European citizens. If you’re interested in applying but don’t meet any of these criteria yet still want information about applying for a scholarship then check out our main website – www2s3c3t4u5p6w7

4. SOS Children’s Villages UK Scholarship Programme

The SOS Children’s Villages UK Scholarship Programme is a scholarship that aims to help young people who have been forcibly displaced from their home. This includes asylum seekers, but also refugees and other displaced persons.

The scholarship is for people under 25 years old and who have been forced to flee their home as a result of war or persecution. It can be awarded on merit, subject to availability of funds, but will only be granted if you are able to meet the criteria outlined in the application form below:

5. The Jewish Christian Muslim Association (JCMA) Scholarship

The JCMA Scholarship is a £500 annual award for asylum seekers studying a degree in the UK. The scholarship is open to all asylum seekers regardless of their religion, race or gender and can be applied for by emailing jcma@jcma.org.uk

The JCMA provides support to Muslim Christian students through its “Education Fund”. It also offers counselling services for those who have experienced trauma or abuse during their time as refugees or immigrants in France and Europe due to racial profiling incidents at border controls; this includes making phone calls between parents separated from their children during deportation procedures at airports across Europe (see more information here).

6. Black British Academics Association, Founded by Mala and Bijan Rajani Scholarship Scheme

BJA is a UK registered charity founded by Mala and Bijan Rajani. The organization aims to support the UK’s black community, as well as asylum seekers and refugees. Since 2007, it has offered scholarships to students at University College London (UCL), who are looking for a degree in any subject area except architecture or engineering.

The scholarship recipients receive financial aid in addition to mentorship from their peers, who can help them gain exposure within their chosen field of study. They also participate in seminars hosted by BJA staff members on topics related to their chosen major or minor field of study—for example, if someone wants learn about computer science but doesn’t have any background knowledge of programming languages like Python or Java script then they’ll get an introduction instead!

7. The British and Irish Quakers Refugee Resettlement Grant

If you’re looking for a scholarship that will help you get your degree or postgraduate education, the British and Irish Quakers Refugee Resettlement Grant could be just what you need. This funding is available for people who are seeking asylum in the UK and who have been granted refugee status by an independent tribunal. It’s open to undergraduate and postgraduate students under 25 years of age (or over 25 if they were born before 1 January 1953) with a refugee background; this means that they may have fled their home country because they faced persecution at some point during their lives, or experienced other hardships due to their ethnic background or political views.

There are two types of grants: one covers tuition fees only while another provides enough money to cover living expenses while attending university full-time as well as covering study abroad costs such as airfare tickets or travel insurance coverage

8. Amnesty International UK Section Student Award for Refugee Education

The Amnesty International UK Section Student Award for Refugee Education is a £1,000 bursary that will be awarded to students who have been granted refugee status or are currently studying at a university. The scholarship is only available to students who are asylum seekers and excluded from the Home Office’s ‘hostile environment’ policy.

The award is open to all applicants who have completed one year of their course, including those studying part-time or full-time on campus. It can also be taken by those studying abroad in another European country and returning home again after completing their studies in France or other EU member states (but not within the UK).

9. Jitsumu/Upper Secondary Education Refugee Scholarship

Jitsumu is a Japanese non-profit organisation that helps refugees in Japan. The scholarship is for students in their first year of high school and it’s available to students who have been recognised as refugees by the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees).

The application period for this scholarship is from 1 April until 30 June each year, so if you want to apply you should make sure that your application doesn’t get lost in the mail! The award amount varies between €50 and €1,200 per month depending on how many months they’re contributing towards your tuition fees.

The Asylum Link Merseyside (ALM) Refugee Education Fund is a one-off payment available to asylum seekers and refugees in Liverpool. You can use the money to pay for tuition fees, books or accommodation.

You must be aged 18 or over when applying for this fund – so if you’re just starting at university, now’s a great time to apply!

Scholarships are attainable, even if you’re an asylum seeker

You may be wondering what it will take for you to get a scholarship. The good news is that you don’t need to be an asylum seeker in France or the UK, or even Australia. There are plenty of scholarships available for people from around the world who are seeking an education and want to improve their lives.

If you’re interested in studying abroad, we’ve got some great tips for getting started!


There are many scholarship opportunities available for asylum seekers in France, but finding the right one can be challenging. The best way to get started is by contacting a local organization to see if they have any information on scholarships and financial aid programs that might be right for you.


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