How to Become a National Geographic Photographer

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How to Become a National Geographic Photographer


There are many ways to get paid for photography, but only one way to become a National Geographic photographer. While it may be difficult to break into this world-renowned publication, there are other ways for aspiring photographers to get paid for their work. In this article, we’ll explore how you can become a National Geographic photographer and what kind of work opportunities exist in the field today.

Dream Big

The first step to becoming a National Geographic photographer is to dream big. Envision yourself as a photographer for the magazine, or visualize yourself being published in it. Imagine yourself as one of their photographers and imagine that you’re shooting photos that are used in their stories.

If you’re serious about wanting to work with National Geographic, then your next step should be envisioning yourself on one of their covers—or even better yet: getting published!

Get Educated

If you’re serious about becoming a National Geographic photographer, it’s essential that you learn how to take good photographs. The best way to do this is by going to a photography school and taking classes. Online courses are also available—just search “photography education” on YouTube or browse through websites like and Skillshare (which offers free courses). You can also find many books on the topic at your library or bookstore; here are some suggestions:

  • Amateur Photographer: A Beginner’s Guide for Digital Photography Experiences by David Hobby (2014)
  • Mastering Your DSLR Camera by Richard Avedon (2011)
  • The Art of Photography by Ansel Adams (2012)


Networking is a skill that can be learned. It’s not something you’re born with and it’s not something you’re going to get from reading a book or watching videos online.

Networking can help you find work, but it also helps you find mentors, which are the people who will help guide your career. If you don’t have anyone in mind yet, networking is the best way to make connections with other photographers and get suggestions for who might be able to mentor your work (and maybe even hire someone).

Learn From the Pros

Learning from the pros is a great way to get started, but you’re not alone if you want to learn more. There are lots of resources out there on how to become a photographer and what it takes to be successful in this field. One thing I like about National Geographic is their blog posts that feature tips from photographers with experience in their fields—they have great advice for beginners like me!

If you want some specific advice, check out these articles:

  • [How To Become A Photographer]( by [Chris Applegate](
  • [What It Takes To Be An International Photographer](https://www.nationalgeographicphotographycourseonlinefree-56965207)

Attend Photography Workshops

  • Attend photography workshops.
  • Learn from the pros. Most of the best photographers in the world have a lot to offer, and you can take advantage of their expertise by attending workshops or learning online through video tutorials or books. You’ll learn how to improve your photography skills, get tips on how to market your work, and even get some valuable insight into what makes a successful photojournalist (or photographer) in general.

Enter Photography Competitions With Cash Prizes

  • Enter Photography Competitions With Cash Prizes:
  • If you want to get published in photography magazines, enter competitions. The submission process is easy and it can help you build up your portfolio of photos so that you can get started on the next step of getting your work seen by a wider audience. This is how I started my career as a professional photographer and I hope it helps you too!
  • What Is A Good Photo Competition?

There are many different kinds of competitions out there, but most require a fee or entry fee before being entered into the contest itself (which means less money for those who don’t win). Be sure to check out what kind of prizes are available before entering any type of contest just because some might not be worth it since they don’t have much value afterwards except maybe bragging rights if someone else wins instead.”

Apply for Photo Assignments With Cash Prizes

  • Apply for Photo Assignments With Cash Prizes

National Geographic has thousands of photo assignments. You can apply with your own photos or through a stock agency. The best way to get paid for your work is to work on assignment, but if you’re not able to do that, there are still ways you can make money from photography by selling prints and licensing rights.

  • Get Published in National Geographic

Get Published in Non-National Geographic Publications

The first step to becoming a photojournalist is getting published in non-National Geographic publications. As you explore your options, look for publications that are looking for photographers and pay them well. You can also find out which publications are in your area of interest and what kind of reputation they have among other photographers.

Once you’ve identified a publication or two that would like to see your work, begin submitting images right away! Most editors will be able to tell if an image has been submitted before because they’ll get hundreds of submissions each day—but if yours stands out from the crowd (and isn’t just an old photo), then it’s worth sending over!

It’s important when submitting images that they’re high quality enough so as not limit yourself down the road when applying again later on down the line…

It is difficult to become a National Geographic photographer, but there are many other ways to get paid for photography.

Becoming a National Geographic photographer is no easy feat. It takes years of training and hard work to get the skills necessary to shoot photographs for their magazine, but there are other ways you can get paid for your photography.

  • Freelancing: If you have some experience shooting nudes or portraits, then this may be the best option for you. You’re able to set your own schedule and choose what type of clients will hire you, which makes this job very flexible!
  • Staff Photographer: A staff photographer works closely with an editor who oversees all aspects of production from writing the story all the way down through editing it once it comes back from being printed outside of the office (wherever that might be). This means that if something needs fixing during post-production—like maybe someone forgot how many photos were meant for each page before printing them out—the staff photographer will be responsible for making sure everything looks great before sending off copies up north where everyone else drinks coffee while checking emails until dinnertime at 5pm sharp every day except Friday when we eat dinner late because I like eating late so much.”


There are many ways to get paid for photography. You can even become a National Geographic photographer if you want to spend years learning the craft and doing shoots in exotic locations. However, there is a lot of competition out there and not everyone has access or enough resources like money or equipment to pursue their dream job. So what do you do if you want some extra cash while doing what you love? Well luckily we have some great tips on how anyone can start making money from their own photographs!


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