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Cultivate Your Inner Darkness Before It’s Too Late

by bottlez

The only way to get out of darkness is through the darkness, so confront the darkness wisely. Stop regretting your past, stop worrying about the future and start living in the present. Accept the change and start working for things to get better. It’s easy when you just have to laugh at the absurdity of life or the way in which we choose to live it and the ridiculous situations we find ourselves in. The shadow is a different beast.  

It is a reflection of you in others, so this requires a constant vigil, an awareness that when you are reacting to something in another, it is also there in you. This might not be true if we all came from different places in the universe but this, as one knows, isn’t the case. The really funny stuff is in our dysfunction of us and is worth more of our attention. To be able to laugh at our competitiveness or the sorrow we feel for ourselves. Like hummingbirds love the sugar water we too can’t seem to get enough of a fix of our drama and absurdity.

Some day when you grow tired of it you shed your skin and a new life emerges, one which is fresh and alive. The term darkness mentioned refers to negativity like sadness, stress, fear, procrastination, tension, and other pain-causing actions in life. The human mind is generally open to negative situations and is accustomed to ignoring positive aspects of life. It tends to suppress the thoughts of happiness by overthinking the negative situations that already happened or are yet to happen. This leads to tension, depression, anxiety, etc. ultimately advancing themselves toward a negative path in life.

Below mentioned practices may guide a person to fight against the darkness or negativity in one’s life:

1. Meditation

It is a technique to control the mind which helps in bringing inner peace, a sense of satisfaction, and control over thoughts. Feelings such as fear, sadness, anxiousness, etc. can easily be eliminated by incorporating this technique into a daily routine. 

It revives your inner consciousness and makes you aware of things happening around your surroundings. Sound meditation and breathing meditation are good methods to start with.

2. Positive thinking

Being positive attracts positive energy – Positive thinking can rejuvenate and mould life into a better shape. By thinking positive, you generally release positive vibes around the environment eventually remediating you to feel happy and contented in life. Practicing this aspect will assist in refreshing a person’s frame of mind and it is always better than thinking about negative situations which in return brings sadness and tension to the mental environment.

We learn best from the people around us. To practice this habit, one of the techniques is to make friends with who possess a positive attitude.

3. Practicing favourite outdoor sport

Generally, human beings give more importance to work/studies, etc., and neglect practicing their favourite sport paving the way towards a sedentary lifestyle and inducing themselves to various diseases and reduced physical body movement. 

Even practicing any outdoor sport for at least half an hour directs you in developing a better mental attitude, instilling positive energy, and exerting your physical body. It gives a break to your mind thereby guiding you to rebuild your understanding and deal with negative situations in a better manner. Remember one thing, “There is no such passion/activity which cannot be pursued along with a study or corporate jobs.”

4. Sharing negative issues with your close ones

Sharing issues with close ones help in offloading the weight of negative thoughts running in one’s mind. It brings a sense of satisfaction, and calmness and eventually assists in understanding and dealing with the situation rather than cribbing about it.

5. Gratifying things

Practicing gratification invites an aura of positivity. The act of gratifying need not necessarily be restricted to living beings, it can be diffused across things/situations, etc. as well. Inculcating the habit of genuine gratification helps in realizing the worth of life and makes you feel like a blessed soul.

Remember some people have their life dreams to achieve and get what you already have. By practicing the above techniques at least for a month, you will surely observe a drastic change in your personality, and thinking capabilities, contented and positive thereby guiding you to come out of the darkness revolving around your life. Lastly, life is beautiful with a few ups and downs. Enjoy happy moments to the core and never take negative moments seriously as nothing is permanent in life.

credit: sanq4


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