Monday, May 23, 2022

Why do only 20% of guys get 80% of women?

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Most people especially men don’t understand that women get too much attention from men in general. If she’s above average looking, there will be at least 30 guys staring at her in her school. 15 more in her own class.

Then comes her personal circle where almost many of her relatives are male combined with her other social circles. In short, be it her friends, brothers, cousins, crushes, social media stalkers, perverts, etc. an average girl gets a hell lot of attention.

This is very unrelatable to a man because men don’t get that kind of attention ever in their 20’s or even early 30’s. Hence whenever an average guy gets a girlfriend he feels on top of the world. It comes after a long struggle for a man. That’s why in the manosphere, sex is so damn overrated. Many live and die as virgins, however, 90% of women at least get one man in their lives. But for most men career comes too easily or too put in better context a man takes it for granted that he’ll have to earn one day.  

Ask any man, how his first day at the office was? He’ll barely remember. But ask a woman a similar question, she’ll get over-excited about this. She will talk and talk and talk about her first day like a child talks after watching a superhero movie. The simple reason is it has been historically very hard for an average woman to earn. So it’s a novelty for them. So in short getting a good job is a dream for many women, and not getting a boyfriend.

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Whenever we take anything for granted, we don’t care about losing. In short, not all but many women just don’t care if one boyfriend leaves their life. They just know they’re going to get attention from hundreds of men. But there are millions of fools whom we like to call, “park park (in pidgin)” who just don’t get this fact, no matter how you try to convince them. They’ll chase women hard without realising that their efforts often go in vain.

So women don’t care or are indifferent to at least 75% male population. However, this doesn’t equate to the complete social exclusion of men from their circles. They are likely to friend-zone quite a number of men. But if there is someone they care about it’s the guy who gives the least amount of F’s. 

If he’s the one who has his own career settled, who lives life as per his own terms or is competent enough to progress in life, they’ll go after him. These men quite star in their own fields. And the difference between him and others is that he is hard to get. As earlier stated, before you tend to value whatever comes in your life with struggle. Hence they care about the minority more than the majority.

But you have to take into account the effect of time. When 80% of women go after the top 20% of men, you have to figure that there will be about 60% of the women who will need to “settle” for less. Sure, the top 20% of men will date around 80% of women. But getting a commitment from any top 20% man will be difficult since they have too many options. So as the women age, without getting a top 20% man to commit to them, and as their fertility window closes around age 35, they will “settle” for the remaining 80% of men. However, to their dismay, they will find that these men will have achieved increased net worth and will attract younger, prettier women compared to them. Hence, the question, “Where have all the good men gone?”

Ocholi Ugbede John. A young Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Blogger. Also an Estate Surveyor and Valuer by profession

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