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The Alpha Mindset for Unstoppable Success

by bottlez
The Alpha Mindset for Unstoppable Success

An alpha doesn’t dwell in the past and alpha isn’t worried about the future. He lives his life in the now, the moment. The genuine sacred moment which is now. A book recommendation that helps you bring yourself  into the moment is “The Power of Now“.

Curious if anyone here has anything better or let alone brilliant advice as   to truly capture the wonderfulness of the  moment and truly adopt an alpha Mindset.

Lots of blue pill people are so beta they live in the past crying with sadness. Worrying if their actions hurt women or if their actions lived up to their perfect life assumption of a blue piller. The alpha lives in the moment and is very lucrative of what is going on. Now it isn’t impossible for a blue piller to reach such a mindset. Simple meditations and just focusing on where your thoughts go is a useful tool to just self-analyze yourself.  

When you think of your life throughout the day you begin to remember and pay attention to where a majority of your thoughts go. You then learn intricate new things about your life that sort of opens you up into a new world of possibilities.

Science is breath taking and the new discovery of individualism is so profound that it almost becomes an addiction. What is the majority of your thoughts on a 24hr day? They might include random stuff you worried about and that in a way is causation for problems within itself. Now one interesting thing is you  often get bored in the now. It’s like okay I’m present now what? As if you are addicted to your thoughts and get rewards for thinking and nothing happens when you stay in the now.

The present moment becomes nothing more than the present moment and I just need more. But the now is more than just the present moment. Think of all the life events we missed because we were worried about something that doesn’t make sense to be worried about. The present moment is filled with many joys and wonders and it’s an amazing place to develop your brain even though it is hard to stay present.

Do you feel after taking the very bitter red pill have you found your mindset to be more in the present moment? How does that moment feel when you have a better strong sense of individualism and now you can “see”.

One red pill topic that applies to being in the moment and alpha Mindset is narcissism. When we love are ourselves. We’ve found that it makes us automatically bring us into the moment. Largely because when we become content with who we are when we find happiness and joy in the present moment making it less boring to stay in the present.  

Now there are dangers to narcissism as it may make you delusional but at the same time, narcissism is better than finding reasons not to like yourself.



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