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9 Curious Facts of Female Psychology

by bottlez
9 Curious Facts of Female Psychology

Today, we are going to learn certain curious facts about the female psychology. Now, let’s begin. 

  1. Women Are Not Looking For Advice

What women actually want their boyfriend to do is that he really listens to and understands her without trying to fix her. This is because a lot of women absolutely love feeling emotions. So when your girlfriend tells you about her toxic work colleague, you just agree with her and tell her that this colleague really sounds like an asshole instead of trying to make her feel better.

By trying to fix her problems, you don’t allow her to experience whatever she wants to feel. You basically take away what makes her feel alive by invalidating her feelings.

  1. Women Are More Likely To Be Opportunists Than Men

This does not apply to every single woman of course and isn’t a negative trait either. All that means is simply that some women prefer to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to them, especially since women get approached by men far more often than men get approached by women.

Women have a higher non-physical pain tolerance than men do. Perhaps this is because, on average, women tend to have a richer emotional spectrum/higher EQ than men do.

  1. The Cat Principle

Women tend to behave like cats when it comes to dating and attracting them. They tend to be reserved and you have to make them feel comfortable with you at first and before they let you get close to them. Get too close too quickly and they run away. It’s really subtle.

Women love it when you read the signals they give off via body language and often, they aren’t even aware of the signals they give off. This includes stuff like pointing their feet towards you, playing with their hair, or staying close to you. Those are pretty solid indicators of interest.

  1. Social Media Is Every Woman’s Biggest Addiction

On average, beautiful women tend to get more attention on social media and dating apps than men do, simply because they look beautiful and because they get lots of likes, compliments, followers, etc. from the opposite gender.

A Pretty girl is constantly being hit on by men online and can barely keep up with it. This exact thing does to women what adult videos do to men because it makes especially women with low self-esteem view men as objects who only exist to validate her, as disposable and not as human beings, just like adult videos does make men view women as nothing more than an object for instant gratification.

  1. Most Women Don’t Care That Much About A Man’s Beauty

What they care about the most in men is integrity, confidence, and substance, just to name a few qualities. No matter how a man is ugly, if he has what a lady wants (especially deep pockets), she will come along

  1. High Intuition

As child-bearers and nest-defenders in Ancient times, Women needed the ability to sense the subtle mood and attitude changes in others. That’s commonly called “women’s intuition” which is basically a women’s acute ability to notice small details and changes in the appearance or behaviour of others. That is why women expect men to take the “hints” without directly saying it.

  1. More Colours

The eye is an extension of the brain that sits outside the skull. The retina at the back of the eyeball contains about 130 million rod-shaped cells called photoreceptors to deal with black and white, and seven million cone-shaped cells to handle colour. The X chromosome provides these colour cells.

Women have two X chromosomes which give them a greater variety of cones than men and this difference is noticeable in how women describe colours in greater detail. Whereas a man who will use basic colour descriptions such as red, orange, blue, and green. But a woman will use bone, aqua, teal, and apple green.

  1. Wider Vision

Women not only have a greater variety of cones in the retina, but they also have wider ones than men. As a nest defender, a woman has brain software that allows her to receive an arc of at least 45 degrees clear vision to each side of her head and above and below her nose.

Many women’s peripheral vision is effective up to almost 180 degrees. That being said, wider peripheral vision is the reason why women rarely get caught ogling men.

  1. Better Hearing

Women hear better than men and are excellent at distinguishing high-pitched sounds. A women’s brain is programmed to hear a baby cry at night, whereas a father may be oblivious to it and sleep on it.

If there is a kitten crying in the distance, a woman will hear it. A man, however, with his superior spatial and directional skills, can tell her where it is.

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