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12 Brutal Secrets That Women Will Never Tell Men

by bottlez
12 Brutal Secrets That Women Will Never Tell Men

Today, we are going to learn 12 cruel secrets that women will never tell men. Now, let’s begin. We will be sharing these secrets from a female point of view

  1. Fake Reasons To Break Up

When women decide they are no longer interested in a guy because we lost our attraction to him or decided we preferred someone else, sometimes we will pin the breakup on some benign thing he did wrong.

It’s a cowardly move, but women are afraid of looking bad if they admit they just stopped being attracted to a perfectly nice guy. So we will say it’s because of the time you didn’t come to our grandmother’s party or that you work too much.

  1. Friendzone with benefits

If you call yourself her friend, then she will accept favours from you, even if she suspects you are hoping for more. In our mind, this is fair because we are allowed to take you at your word that you are just being a good friend.

A woman probably won’t flat-out tell you “This will never happen” if she enjoys you as a friend.

  1. She believes she is way out of your league

If a woman has a viscerally bad reaction to you hitting on her, then either your approach was crass or too sexual or she believes she is way out of your league to the point where you forced her to question her self-image or she feels you ought to have known better.

I’m not saying she is out of your league. I’m saying that’s what she probably thinks.

  1. Ghosting is the ultimate weapon

If I consider you a platonic friend, and you want “more,” then the best strategy which still may not work is to stop being available. Don’t be rude or make a formal announcement – just don’t be at my beck and call.

Don’t listen to me cry about the jerk I’m dating. In order to re-envision our relationship, I have to miss you and not take you for granted.

  1. Being nice is not the solution

Tell her you’ve never felt this way. Tell her you can see the two of you have kids. Adopt her hobbies. Kiss up to her family. Why?

By trying so hard, you inadvertently are signaling that she can do better. She also sees her ability to make a choice being threatened, because you can throw the “After all I did for you” card.

  1. Men frustrate us when they expect us to behave like men

Women are not men. Women cannot behave like men. We hate silence 97% of the time. If you’re extremely quiet and need your space, we will still ask “what are you thinking?”, “Is anything wrong?”, “Did I do anything to upset you?”, because a woman is designed to behave like this.

Forgive us but we cannot act like your “bro” always. We are not your “man bro”, we’re your “lady love”. We will behave like a lady.

  1. We are emotionally protective of you

Just like you tell us not to wear revealing clothes, or not to go out at night alone, because you’re physically protective of us, the same way we try to ask about what’s bothering you when we see you sad, because we women are emotionally protective of you in the same way.

Just like you cannot stop being physically protective of us, we cannot stop being emotionally protective of you. Please don’t misinterpret our efforts as nagging or clingy, we’re just acting out from our nature and concern for you.

  1. Most women have sex only when they feel love

Most men show love through sex, and most women have sex only when they feel love. If you’re not giving enough love to your woman outside your bedroom, you just cannot expect lots of quality adventures passionate sex inside the bedroom.

It’s a vicious cycle for most couples, where men deny love to a woman, and a woman denies sex to a man.

  1. We know that society has taught men to mask their feelings

However, all of us women will advise you, men, that you should try to talk about them to your woman. Talking about emotions with a male friend and talking about your emotions with the woman you love is a different feeling.

Be courageous and come out of all the toxic things that society has fed you with. Your male friend will handle your emotions practically as he is also a man, but a woman will handle your emotions with softness.

  1. We’re more on the emotional side than logical.

Most of the time we’re unaware that we make decisions based on our emotions and not logic. You are more logical than emotional. Let’s agree to make decisions together so that you can take care of the logical part and the emotional part.

  1. We’re not trying to “change” you or “improve” you

We know you’ll be doing fine even without us. But we women have this habit to make everything perfect, and our advice for you comes from the same place.

We advise you so that you can be the best, the most successful. Your success, your happiness truly makes us happy. Your mother, your girlfriend, your wife “nags” you from the same feminine nature. We don’t know any other way than communication to sharpen you. Most of us are really weak in the silence game.

  1. Your wealth matters

Being frugal is unattractive. Poor people mostly lack self-confidence and also, many poor guys are desperate to get girls. That is why most girls prefer guys who are more well off than them.

Also, if you don’t have the looks or any good qualities we admire and are filthy rich then all your sins will be condoned. We will accept you. Being rich makes you valuable.

Women love it when they get attention from someone who is valuable in society. It’s every girl’s fantasy. Remember ‘fifty shades of grey?

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