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[PODCAST] Producers Hub – Interview with Strap (ep 7)

by bottlez
[PODCAST] Producers Hub - Interview with Strap (ep 7)

Record labels should advise their artists on finances and bankruptcy”. Atari Victor Adagadzu, professionally known as Strap, is an ace music producer, audio engineer, songwriter, rapper, and Accountant. He co-founded Novabeats which is a registered music and clothing outfit.

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Producers Hub is a podcast show geared towards beaming a spotlight on the career experience of local, and international producers in the music, and film production industry-their successes, failures, challenges, and motivation. Also, fans will get to discover what inspired their favorite beats, songs, and movies, success secrets that could aid their own career aspirations, and also how their favorites get to unwind away from all the work.



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