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[STORY] CASSANDRA – Episode 45

by bottlez

The months leading to November were very difficult ones for me 😫. One of my shops in Onitsha got burnt 🔥 and I had no choice than to temporarily relocate back to the city to get my business up and running.
However the difficult period didn’t stop me from caring for Cassandra nor did it stop me from sending her enough money monthly. The money I sent to her ranged from N15,000 –N25,000 every month and even though I was very far from her, I made it my duty to shower her with great love 💏. I equally made arrangements in readiness to our traditional marriage which I planned for December.
Nora on the other hand never accepted any monetary support from me ☹️. All she needed was my presence which I wasn’t ready to give. At a point she stopped answering my calls and I only had to hear about her welfare from my mother who she now took as her own mother. 😞

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Finally, on the last week of October, Nora gave birth to a bouncing baby boy 👦🏼 and I must confess the news left a great ray of joy in my heart. I really had to round up everything I was doing and head back to the city of Owerri to see my new born child. But unfortunately for me, Nora denied me the privilege of seeing my little kid 😳.
I still clearly remember that day as if it was yesterday. Yes I still have that memory at the fore corner of my head. The day Nora revealed her plans for me..

It was precisely four days after she put to bed. I arrived at her house with my friend Chinedu with great excitement and joy. The long drive from Onitsha did not in any way affect the excitement in me. To my dismay, Nora’s sister told us without mincing words that her sister wasn’t in the mood of receiving guests as if we were strangers 🙆🏼‍♂️. An alarm instantly rang in my head.
‘’you should just go and come back next week’’ the little girl added very coldly, swiftly turning my excitement into anger 😡.
‘’what do you mean she isn’t in the mood of receiving guests? I came to see my son and you can’t deny me that’’ I insisted with a slightly raised tone, while Chinedu shrugged, unable to say a word.
‘’please just go. You are not welcomed here anymore’’ the young girl pushed on. I just couldn’t believe my ears. I had to try my best to calm down. Nora soon appeared with a very 😠 angry look.
‘’what’s up with the noise? Didn’t you hear my sister? Please just go, I don’t want to see your ugly face anymore. You had your chance with me and you blew it. I waited for you nine good months, to come back to your senses but no you preferred chasing after shadows. My kid may bear your last name due to your parent’s involvement but you will never see my baby until he grows up to decide for himself. You can however be getting his pictures from your mother. So please leave my house right now’’ she screamed furiously, leaving me extremely stunned with disbelief.

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‘’no you can’t be serious’’ I protested.
‘’you can’t deny a man the right to see his son’’ I insisted strongly.
‘’oh yes I can. I guess you have forgotten my cousin, the lawyer who met you sometime back? He will soon serve you with a restraining order. You had your chance with me and you blew it. I have already destroyed all the feelings I had for you. Let Cassandra bear you all the legitimate sons you need if she hasn’t destroyed her womb already’’ she shouted, turned and headed back to her room with her sister, leaving Chinedu and I all alone to stare at each other 😳.
‘’did you her?. What do I do now?. Does she have the right to deny me access to my kid?’’ I asked my friend with a boiling mind. He nodded and breathed deeply.
‘’I’m afraid so. But nevertheless let’s wait for her to calm down. We can come back tomorrow or next’’ he said softly, turned and 🚶🏻 headed towards my car 🚙. I quickly ran after him.
‘’but what if she is very serious about keeping the baby from me?’’ I asked curiously.
‘’well I don’t see why you should be worried. You still have Cassandra and she can give you all the children you need. I strongly advice you start up the marriage process with Cassandra’s family immediately, because with the way things are, Nora is definitely not her old self anymore and all you have now is your Cassandra to contend with. You better hurry because most campus girl’s aren’t loyal. Especially sophisticated girls like Cassandra’’ he said seriously, sending a great fear through my heart 💘 with his words.

To be continued…


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