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[STORY] CASSANDRA – Episode 37

by bottlez

‘’I really can’t believe you are here. What a surprise. You know, I couldn’t believe my ears when you told me you were on your way to my house’’ I breathed as we held each other 🤗.
‘’aren’t you happy to see me?’’ she asked softly.
‘’of course I’m very delighted 🕺🏼. I will do anything to have you here with me every minute’’ I answered sharply.
‘’really? so I guess our weekend is going to be fun then?’’ she asked with a short laugh while I held her tightly as if my life depended on it.
Many questions however crept up in my mind, most especially about Edwin and the money he allegedly stole but I held back myself and left it all for another day.

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We ended up making great love 🛌 all through the night. She gave her body to me with all her mind and I enjoyed every bit of it. Cassandra really knew how to make a man very happy and oh yes I was extremely satisfied because she took me to the extreme with her sexual energy.
‘’oh Cassandra you are something else’’ I breathed with admiration as I pulled away from her sweet body, licking my lips with great satisfaction while my eyes still devoured her naked body. Yes she was the kind of lady who always gets a man asking for more. She just was splendid and awesome. The way she moves her body when making love can suck up everything in you under a minute.
‘’so how do you feel right now?’’ she asked, sitting up slowly. I shook my head and breathed deeply.
‘’I’m so satisfied and happy 🙂. I just feel like wedding you right now’’’ I answered truthfully.
‘’really?’’ she asked, drawing close to touch my cheek. I blew a kiss 💋 on her hand, before leaving another kiss on her lips 👄.
‘’oh Cassandra’’ I breathed once again.

Unfortunately for me, the fun and excitement of the night quickly disappeared from my head when my sister called to tell me that our mother was on her way to the city to see me 🙆🏼‍♂️. At first I couldn’t believe my ears because the news looked so awkward and unreal but then I knew my sister couldn’t just call very early in the day for a silly prank.
‘’what do you mean she is coming to see me?
When was the time mum came to the city?
Why was I not informed on time ⌚️?
What is she even coming to see me for?
She could have asked me to come home instead”” I poured out angrily 😡 as my heart boiled furiously 💓.
Just like I told my sister, I really didn’t see the reason for my old woman coming to the city instead of sending for me. I couldn’t believe dad would allow her to make such journey.
‘’for what?, For what?’’ I asked myself over and over.
‘’there isn’t any need getting worried or worked up. Mum knows her way around the city. Simply relax okay. You will find out the reason she took such risk when she arrives’’ my sister said softly, annoying 😡😡 more with the calmness of her voice.
‘’ I know you have something to do with this. I know you. You probably have told them something at home. Is it about….??’’ I almost called out Nora’s name , stopping myself just on time before the name was able to escape my lips. Cassandra was lying by my side and I knew she was listening to the call even though her eyes were closed.
‘’I have to go now. Mum will be there in the next few minutes by God’s grace’’ my sister added and hung up while I dropped my phone with panic.
‘’if actually mum is coming here to talk about Nora then I really need to find a way to stop her. I can’t let her bring up such topic before Cassandra. What do I do?. What do I do now?’’ I wondered miserably, feeling Cassandra’s touch 😌 as she slowly played with my left hand.
‘’what is it?. Your mum is coming over right?’’ she asked curiously. I silently nodded like a school boy.
‘’your family don’t like me. Your sister really did a good job on that. It’s well’’ she kind of sulked, leaving me with a greater confusion as I turned my attention to her, wondering what exactly to say to her.
‘’I’m the one to marry you and not my family. Moreover why are you reasoning in such direction?


My sister and I just argued over another thing and you simply made up things for no reason. My mum is coming over for a reason I know nothing about, so we have to get ready for her’’ I softly said, kissed her hair and headed to the bathroom 🛀🏻 where I continued with my thoughts.

Mum has never visited me for once and I definitely knew something big was up.
‘’What did my naïve sister tell them at home?’’ I wondered as I took my bath, trying so hard to come up with something. To come up with an idea 🤔.
But what exactly did I come up with?? I came up with absolutely nothing and By 9:44AM that fateful day mum arrived at my house looking very serious 😐 and uptight. It surely was a very strange visit. Yes very strange. All thanks to my obnoxious sister who instead of watching my back was playing a very unusual role.




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