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What To Do Before Publishing Any Post On Your Blog

You Spend hours writing one piece of content hoping that its gonna bring in thousands of page views over the months to your blog. But if you don’t do these things before you publish, you may waste all of that time in writing your post

Read Your Content Like Google

This is the first thing to do when publishing a post on your blog or even a video on youtube; and we know that’s hard to do. If you’re just staring out and you have to think like google you may feel you have to spam this thing with keywords – nah. Its very different than that. But there is a process that we would want you to look through before you publish that which can make a big difference. One of which is

think like google

Who did you link out to?

Look at who did you link out to because to google that says something about you as well and the type of content you are producing. Did you just link out to Lumidy’s blog, or did you find an article from a College or Univerisity or government website that had a more scientific resource that you could link out to. That says something about you. So look through your links and ask yourself, “what will this say about me if a machine was reading this?”. The next process to read your content like Google is

Use search-friendly language

Use the type of language that will make google know what you are talking about. For instance, you have a blog post that is all about ‘gamblers‘. If you keep using the term ‘gamblers’ everywhere, well google is smart and probably knows that you are talking about ‘plungers‘ and so it probably wouldn’t hurt if somewhere in that blog post you use the term ‘plungers’. Just make it really easy for the A.I to understand.
That’s something like and feels a little bit of google 2005 because google has really improved alot on that sementic search but it does make a big difference when you’ve answered the main question and now you’re giving some kind of other information around it. Like think about it for a second, make sure you are using the type of language that a searcher would use because the number 1 thing that google is using to rank websites more than links or anything else is relevance. Just give some thought to it and make sure you are using that natural language

Optimise for snippets

Most writers today want to do what ever it takes to rank high on google and waste alot of time on irrelevant stuffs. One of which is ‘meta description‘. Meta description is a short text that appears on google search below the title. Adding a specific meta description is very easy but getting is absolutely correct is the issue. If google isn’t satisfied your ranking will go sideways. In this case, leave this segment for search engine’s A.I. Without it the search engine will go through your blog and select what its best as your meta deescription

meta description

Look at the part of your content that should be a google snippet that really answers a specific question and really consider if its the right answer. Not just the right answer but is this the answer that should appear on a google search. Think about what data you can give the A.I that if it could smile, it would smile 😊. Like let it harvest some beautiful data on your blog. When you’re writing a blog post like yes you are presenting it to a human and it should be for that but is there an awesome table of information you can use that will just be helpful that might make this blog post rank for snippets. Have you just put in that rich data that an A.I would love to read??

Go through sub-headings

Another way is to go through all the sub headings in your blog post and make sure that all of them are highly relevant to the main topic of the article. If ever you stray from the topic it makes it really difficult for google to really know what you are writing about. What we always recommend to our whole team of writers writing for us is, ‘think about what are the next three things that the person reading this article is really gonna ask’. Just make sure that every single sub heading does not stray

Look At Monetization Perspects Now And In The Future

Second tip is to figure out if this blog post would have 50,000 page views, what will it do for you monetarily (affiliate links, CTAs, collecting emails, donations, etc) and make sure if this is successful you’re going to earn this. We always tell people, when you start a new blog don’t worry about monetization. The point isn’t to make sure that every article is highly monetized, the point is when you’ve created this content and you’re about to put it out in the world, think, how could I monetize this? How could I get some value out of this? Maybe to download a file you’ll get an email. That email can’t be monetized but you can start sending emails and now you have an opportunity to have something to monetize. Keep that in mind when making your blog post; how much can this post generate for me than just the ad revenue? If you ask yourself this question and the only answer you get is “I can earn whatever ad revenue that comes from a 50,000 page views, then you’re probably missing out on some opportunities

Check Your Time

Before you click that publish button check your time. You shouldn’t just post a piece on your blog as soon as you are done writing simply because you want to get along with it and move to something else. Every blog has its peak period i.e. when it gets most of its visitors. Examine your blog peak’s period and post within the range to reach a reasonable amount of audience. You can check this on your Google Analytic Dashboard > Customization > Custom Reports > Add new > Metric group (sessions) > Dimention (hour)

post time

Establish Trust In Every Piece Of Content

Ask yourself, “If this is the first article or video someone is reading or watching about me would they trust me?” Think about this post for example, for some of you reading who are familiar with us when we write posts of this sort, it matters to you. Some of you while reading this post you’ll be wondering who wrote this? If you’ve noticed from the begining of this article we never said anything to convince you to trust or believe us and so its an important thing to do especially in the age of EAT (Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness) that you get in the habit of having the ‘if you are visiting us for the first time’. Just throw in some things that will naturally understand that this person has some kind of credibility because for someone, this is the first blog post they are reading from you or first youtube video they are watching and you have to establish that credibility.

Earlier in this post we mentioned ‘what we always recommend to our whole team of writers writing for us…‘ we snock that in there 😉 and that was the purpose – credibility because a rational person normally would think “oh this blog has a whole team of writers writing for them thus they probably are real”

Volume Of Audience/Social Connect

How well is your blog and post connected? You should ask yourself this question. This has to do with social media outreach. Is your blog post auto connected to your social profiles to share as soon as you hit the button, when readers go through your post can they easily share it to their friends. This also depends on your style of wrting. There is an 80/20 rule most bloggers use in writing. Some dedicate 80% of their time and resources in developing their content and 20% in promoting them. On the otherhand, some spend 20% of their time and resources in developing their content and 80% in promoting. Which ever case or style you have you still need that content to get across to your audience


This seems like a lot of work just to publish a content. But giving the right attitude that one content can be the breakthrough your blog needs. Just a recap of what we have been talking about.

No.What To Do Before Publishing Any Post On Your Blog
1Read Your Content Like Google
aWho did you link out to?
bOptimise for snippets
cGo through sub-headings
2Look At Monetization Perspects Now And In The Future
3Check Your Time
4Establish Trust In Every Piece Of Content
5Volume Of Audience/Social Connect

Now that you’ve been enlightened, dotting all your Is and crossing all Ts, go ahead and click that button with confidence.

Updated: May 12, 2020 — 11:32 am

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