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Warning Signs Your Blog Is Going To Fail & Their Solutions

by bottlez
Warning Signs Your Blog Is Going To Fail Their Solutions dopearena.com

The Reason we are writing this post is becasue everybody feels some kind of anxiety when making thier blog. The fear when typing a blog post one seems like “is anyone gonna come here? Is this gonna bring income?”. There are signs we’ve put forth in this post. Once you aren’t seeing these signs you ought to feel fine about your site and when you do see them you should do something about it. The reason why most people think they will fail even without seeing these signs it becasue it takes awhile. It takes awhile for new content on a new blog to gain any sort of authority and thereby getting high ranking on google, thus, traffic. So, if eight (8) months hasn’t passed since you wrote your content you need to stop worrying about this.
Below are those warning signs your blog is going to fail as well as their solutions.

Average Less Than 100 Page Views Per-Post Per-Month

As earlier mentioned, if it is eight (8) plus months for your content and you are averaging less than one hundred (100) page views per post per month, that’s a sign that you’ve got some trouble here. There are exceptions to this if you have a site that is extremely well monetized like a site about life insurance or something where it’s easy to turn already high profit on those leads, then maybe we do accept it but generally, less than that is an issue. The goal is an average on a thousand page views per post per month.
A post can have about twelve (12) page views per month and another about five thousand (5,000), so with this on an average if it’s about a hundred then you are doing just fine. But below hundred, probably search analysis is wrong or you are writing the wrong content. A simple way to check this is divide your total page views for a month by the number of posts you made that month.


Change your style of writing. You can re-examine your blog posts and niche. The are niches that are highly engaging and profitable than some. Take a look at most profitable niches to build your blog

Low Social Media Presence

Social media presence accounts for the second largest traffic generator following organic traffic (like google). Most bloggers just publish content with no social backlinks to those contents. This reduces your level of publicity and traffic. When you realise your social media traffic presence is low, step it up oherwise your blog is doomed to fail. To check this simply go to your Analytics Dashboard > Acquisition > Overview. It will show you the percentage of traffic generated from social media direct, organic, referral, among others.


Create social media handles such as Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and share your contents there. Build an audience outside your blog and outside search engines. This not only increases your traffic but gives you an edge among your competitors. There are a number of ways you can promote your blog content via social media.

No future Beyond $12 EPMP

If there’s not future beyond $12 EPMP you should stop production on that blog. EPMP (Earnings Per Thousand Pageviews) is a very important metrix because it’s talking about monetization as a whole from all sources. Just how much money are you making per thousand pageviews and the reason why we say $12 is because you should get that on most blogs. $12 is like a minimal RPM for just putting ads on your webpage. Thus, if you can’t get past the normal, something is wrong. There might be a situation where you are getting $8 from ads its just lower maybe for some other reasons sometimes it happens, this means that your audience isn’t monetizable for advertisers but then you say your affiliate isn’t doing well its just something that will take much more volume to earn a profit one that you should probably just stop and move to something else.
Example of a site that fall into this category is “how much stuffs weighs?”. Like how much does a car, laptop, television weigh and all that. But how do you monetise that beyond just ads because people don’t stay very long, there is not much of an affiliate link. Lets say for example, how much does a trampoline weigh? People come and they see the answer like that and they’re gone. For ads, if they don’t see those ads for about 15 seconds at least 50% of the ad doesn’t count and so you may not do well on ads because people are not spending too long on the page and affiliates.
So I’m searching how much does a trampoline weigh? I see your answer, does that really convince me to be like oh yeah I’m buying now. People aren’t coming for your link unlike in a review or something even if you had it its not just really why they’re on the page. One can get a million page views to that site but still with such low EPMP just don’t do it


One of the focus of low EPMP is the amount of time users spend your blog. Publish posts that engage your users, that makes them spend more time on a particular page and on your blog in general. Some might think its about length of post but it isn’t. It’s just more than that. A typical example is a music blog. Irrespective of the amount of words used most people don’t read them, all they are looking for is the play or download button to listen to the song.

Having The Wrong Audience In Mind

Many people do this very very wrong. Imagine having a site where you’re an Engineer and you’re wondering what kind of blog would you want as a person in your particular field? That’s the way alot of people think; like what will I want in a blog but if you are a very specific type of person, the audience for that is very small. Let’s say that you are a specialist kind of engineer, and you’re writing to other specialist engineers like yourself – the audience for that is very small but if you’re going to write on a blog that is geared towards all engineering students or perspective engineering students. Like how big is that audience 😲. Sometimes there’s content needed for people going into a particular profession but if you pick a very small audience, you’re gonna get really small traffic


Simply widen your horizon. Which ever audience you hope to target, build a tree on it (like in a hierarchical order) on what those audience represent. Then create content that fits the top of the tree. Ones you do that, all other traffic from the branches will be incorporated.

No Connection With Other Bloggers/Webmaster

You have to be in a community of bloggers or webmasters to boost your blog, especially those in the same niche as you. There you get to learn and tackle many issues and ideas relating to your blog and niche. Truth be told, you can’t do this on your own. Many have experienced and are still experincing what you are going through.


Here are some ways to get connected with other bloggers/webmasters within and outside your niche

  • Join bloggers forum you see
  • Get in touch with other bloggers on social media
  • Follow their social profiles, groups and pages
  • Interact with them via email
  • Have a seatdown with them if possible

Pass/Fail Tech Items

Reviewing couple of sites we found out that there are some who have done a lot of things correctly but they failed on a couple of technical steps that would have been easily fixed but first time making a website, its very easy to make mistakes.
Having a blog lower than 25 on pagespeed insite and doesnt have ssl and you can’t navigate to all the pages from the home page and doesn’t have a sitemap and and and …., yeah its gonna fail.


Just make sure all these pass fail things are taking into consideration. Run a page speed test on your site. Can do this using Google Speedtest Insight, get a theme that enables users to easily navigate through your blog especially from the homepage. No one likes a malicious blog so make sure your blog has an SSL certificate that is valid.

No. 1 Priority Is Money

This is where most bloggers fail in their blogging career. Blogging unlike any other hustle both online and offline is task oriented. Time as well. Most bloggers are solely after their earnings rather than their audience. They write scrap article and check the pageviews and income on a regular basis, especially infant bloggers (talking about bloggers that are below one year in existence). When you notice your mindset is oriented in this manner, your blog will surely fail


Focus on quality rather than quantity in writing your blog post. Satisfying your audience should be your number one priority and not yourself. Like someone ones said, “forget about the money, focus and build your name with your audience and the money will flow smoothly like you never imagined. Don’t just publish posts, examine what you are sending out. There are things you should do and lookout for before hitting the publish button.

5:30 Rule (Relying On Too Few Posts)

You might be thinking of time here if its AM or PM but nah, it’s not. This rule should be applied to your blog as a test for success. The 5:30 rule states that

If the top 5 blog posts on your blog as measured by google analytics bring in more than 30% of the traffic to your blog, then you got a problem

To check this simply go to Google Analytics > Behaviour > Overview, If you have few blog posts doing all the work and bringing in all the traffic all it takes it for one person to write one blog post that best yours and you could loose a chunk of your traffic. Its also important to filter such traffic by organic search trafic. So do that filter becasue if you’re looking at total page views you might see that people are coming to losts of pages on your blog but they’re not coming directly to there. They may be navigating through your website.
There was this one blog inwhich 90% of the traffic came from one blog post. This post was the entrance from google and people then use it to navigate to other posts. The income from this one post sustained the blogger (and his family as well) for years. After awhile someone wrote better and outranked him on google. Thus his blog crumbled. He even had to go get a Job. This is how a lot of people make mistakes.
Don’t worry if your site is new (maybe like 5 months in), and your seeing this its completely normal, but ones your site gets well established you should really pay attention to this.


Do not neglect posts that are bringing in high traffic. Asides creating more quality post you should also develop and update already created posts. On another note, compare and determine why some posts drive way more traffic than others. If its the mode of writing or the tile or the topic, incorporate such model in your new posts as well to spread the traffic.

Going At It All By Yourself

This is being a lone ranger. You’re the only one researching contents, writing contents, editing them, monetizing them, promoting them. WOW! thats huge 👏. You need a team. What we found out in one music niche website where there’s only one publisher is that the publisher post music that he or she likes alone. When you have a team there tends to be a mix of preference and so will there be the mix of audience. You are working towards failure if 100% of your blogging is centred on you


Open your blog to other writers. This can be done be accomodating guest posts on your blog. It won’t be a bad idea to get a social media manager to promote and manage your contents on social media. Drop your pride and work with a team and save your blog!

Checkbox Writing Style

Its so easy when you make your hitlist to just like crank every morning and write your post and just get along with it and you’re not really thinking like “is this the most helpful answer to this query when compared to everything else that I just googled?”. Like the time to design your page, put in a table, bold some stuffs, make a call out paragraph, take your time to go take some custom pictures that really illustrate what you’re talking about.
Its so hard because you have this dynamic of speed – I have to put up enough content and quality thats its so good its going to rank number 1 on google


As earlier mentioned, go for quality rather than quantity. Its very good to engage your audience everyday but with the right content. Its better to have one weekly post that all energy is put into and makes a lot of sense than a bunch of rubbish and undefined daily posts.


Just a recap of what we have been blabbing about

No.Warning Signs
1Average Less Than 100 Page Views Per-Post Per-Month
2Low Social Media Presence
3No future Beyond $12 EPMP
4Having The Wrong Audience In Mind
5No Connection With Other Bloggers/Webmaster
6Pass/Fail Tech Items
7No. 1 Priority Is Money
85:30 Rule (Relying On Too Few Posts)
9Going At It All By Yourself
10Checkbox Writing Style

Know you’re probably wondering If you passed some of these test or not. Probably you know already. The good news is that you have a way to fix it. So get up, get to work, and make that blog succeed as if your life depended on it. Thanks for reading this post.


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