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[STORY] CASSANDRA – Episode 28

by bottlez

‘’no nothing my dear. It’s just that I’m very surprised to see her. She packed out of her apartment yesterday and I thought she left town’’ I answered while Cassandra shrugged, saying nothing else. The rest of the dinner really was uneventful with me thinking only of Nora. I desperately tried to get her out of my head but couldn’t. It was just by luck that Cassandra failed to notice my absent mindedness and if she did notice never made it look obvious.

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Hours ⏰ later
‘’can you stay a week with me?’’ I asked Cassandra as we retired to my bed for a good night sleep. She shook her head quickly,.
‘’no I can’t be away from school for so long. Don’t you want me to graduate?’’ she answered softly.
‘’My dear it’s just that I do want to spend much more time with you but you are right, your education comes first’’ I answered with resignation.
‘’I will stay with you till Tuesday. Hope that’s cool with you??’’ she suddenly asked, leaving a smile on my face.
‘’yea that’s cool. Thanks’’ I breathed happily.
‘’I hope you still remember that my birthday is coming up in two weeks time?’’ she suddenly asked, touching my chest. I scratched my head as I instantly remembered. Yes she really has been singing it in my ears for the past few weeks and it was something I promised to celebrate 🎉 for her.
‘’I have to start on time to make the planning and preparations. I will have to arrange for a good cake, do a little shopping and equally pay for a good venue. You know this is something I haven’t done for the past ten years’’ she pushed on.
”my budget 💵 is within thirty to fifty thousand Naira” she added softly.
‘’I believe forty thousand Naira will be enough. That’s the amount I mapped out for it’’ I answered, leaving her overwhelmed with joy. I really was ready to do anything for my Cassandra only if she remains loyal, respectful and loving.

However what she did next extremely surprised me. Cassandra climbed over me without a single word, without me even asking for it, bent and kissed 💋 me softly. I stared at her with disbelief, seizing my breathe as I waited for her next move.
”you deserve all the good things in the world. you are such a nice person. you have done so much for me. You changed my life. I appreciate it all” she breathed, bent and pressed her boobs on my chest. Oh I suddenly saw myself in Heaven. I saw myself among angels as the breeze of pleasure blew my entire body.
”call my name” she demanded softly.
”Cassandra my love” I breathed,
”again” she demanded, tasting my mouth 👄, jaw, cheeks and entire face with her tongue 👅. she licked me dry like a giant dog. It was so wondrous, so passionate and so awesome. I haven’t experienced anything like it before.
”oh my Cassandra” i breathed again and again as she worked on my body with great attention.
”so what do you want from me right now?” she demanded swiftly, opening my shirt and feeling my b—–s with her hands.
”please let’s make love. Let’s have a night of passion. Let’s take our relationship to the next level” I stammered with quick breathe. she kept quiet for a wile before taking off her night wear.
”I hope you still have a condom?” she demanded curiously.
”oh yes yes” I quickly answered. She climbed down from my body, sat on the bed 🛌 and smiled at me.
”go get ready because tonight is going to be hot” she slowly muttered, surprising me a great deal; with her words. I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t make out what was in her mind. It was just so unbelievable. I never imagined Cassandra giving herself to me in such manner. My love for her multiplied a thousand times over.
”thank you Cassandra”, I stammered as I slowly penetrated my queen via the popular d—-e style 🍆💦. It just looked as if I was dreaming. It just looked so unreal. I was finally in control of her mind, body and soul. So I reasoned.
”thank you God”, I breathed over and over as I rode her swiftly, taking my time to take her to the extreme with my superb moves.

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An hour later, we fell beside each other, totally spent and exhausted. The love ❤️ I had for her this time around was way more than what I felt for her in the past. This new love was so strong that I could even starve myself for a week just to provide all her needs and make her happy.
”there isn’t any need starving you of s-x anymore since the vow I made to God has been broken already” she breathed as she played with my chest.
”I really wish there is something I can do to compensate you for it. I really will do anything and I’m serious about it” I said with all sincerity.
”what if there is really something I know you can do?” she suddenly added, placing her head on my chest and leaving me wondering what her next demand could be.

As for the s-x. I totally enjoyed every bit of it and what I felt now was very much stronger than what I felt for her in the past.
Oh Cassandra!




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