Best Social Media Traffic Boosters For Your Blog

by bottlez
Best Social Media Traffic Boosters For Your Blog

Today we are writing to you about how to speed up the process of getting traffic to your blog. So we write all the time you need to build a good niche blog, you need to write awesome and helpful content but then you have to be patient becasue it takes some time for google to start to really see and trust that content and start sending traffic your way. So we are gonna give you a few tips today about how to speed up that process a little bit.


We are playing the long game in our business. We’re building a blog, planting a seed and be patient because we are working on maybe five (5) other blogs and wait months. But for some of you starting your blog and you don’t want to wait 10-12 months to see a significant traffic, this post is for you.

If you want to get traffic to your blog quickly and you really want to see some fast traffic results, we suggest you start with Pinterest, Reddit and YouTube. Those to us are the best ways to get fast traffic to your blog (noticeabily absent is Facebook – Facebook does not play nicely with bloggers)


Pinterest is an unbeliveable source of traffic. It’s increadible. If your blog falls into the type of content that gets shared quickly on pinterest, you are in for a treat. Popular pinterest ranges anything home DIY (Doing It Yourself), fashion, recipies, weight loss or health or anything like that; pinterest is 90% women. Women are interested in many more topics than men. And so if you have the type of content that you think is gonna do well on pinterest, then use it. It can be fantastic. There was a time when pinterest sent more traffic to this site than google did.
One of the cool things we’ve seen on some of our posts that have done really well on Pinterest is we start out by getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest but google sees that traffic and over time they recognise that this is good content. Those content end up being the post that end up sending us more google traffic than a lot of our other posts again because of the behaviour of the people that go to that article.

So how do you get traffic from Pinterest

  1. Write post regularly: Definitely you have to write a post otherwise, what are you really doing 🤷‍♂️. Then just pin it on pinterest. Asides just writing posts your posts have to be regular. Always give your audience something to read about
  2. Use catchy images: Use really eye catchy visual with nicely designed text. About size, you have to upload a nice tall image. Having wide images does not really do well becasue they are just going to be shrinked down to the tiny coloum but if you have one that is tall, then it’s gonna take up more space and be more visible. Recommended size is 300px wide by 650px tall. Just go on pinterest and see what’s getting shared and make them.
pinterest pic

  1. Join group boards: Go join group boards and drop some of your pins there. Don’t be too spammy and then when you get one that goes viral it just boom! – raising your traffic. One of the most intriguing thing about pinterest traffic is that it usually last pretty long. Not forever but it last a long time. The hate age of pinterest is gone. Like three (3) years ago there was this awesome trick were pinterest was just a rudimentary search engine so one can just write blog tips, blog tips, blog tips, blog tips, as your caption and it would just shoot to number one trending search. Pinterest is a little bit smarter now it harder to get the crazy traffic still from very sourceful source of content
  2. Follow competitors followers: Everything is a competition and so also is the social world. You have to keep an eye on your competitors to see how they are doing as well as actions they make. Follow who they follow although you might not know why but just to keep the connection
  3. Make use of hashtags: Like twitter, pinterest makes use of hashtags (#) as well. But be carefull not to use them too much. Try to limit your hashtags on a pin to a maximum of five (5).
  4. Comment on popular pins: Not all pins or comment has to be a backlink to your blog. Make sure your pinterest account is bearing your name (i.e. the name of your blog). When you comment on popular pins, you draw attention to your brand name. We’re not talking about “ok”comments, we mean real helpful comments
  5. Repin other people’s pin: Just like commets, it won’t hurt to repin other pins you see. Doing so create a relationship with the publishers some of who might return the favour when you pin yours as well


Youtube can be really good an exceptional for blogs. Using youtube you can make videos on a blog post and give half of the content on the video. Lets say you have ten (10) warning signs your blog is going to fail and solutions, in the video you can give six (6) and say “there are actually ten (10) and much more, to get hold of this visit…… (saying this address is too long so you can use a worpress plugin or a url shortener to make it easier for you viewers). Like I said – say it. Instead of linking the blog post from youtube, just say the link becasue when people type links themselves, it’s a good signal to google.

But if you just sit there and share about your life its not really gonna work for this purpose. Share awesome tips and get followers and then what, what did that do for you? You have to find a way of getting them to that blog post. Irrespective of that, they still might like your video and subscribe so its just like using one stone to kill 3 birds (the video = likes, subscriptions and blog traffic), how incredible is that..


This is like the front page of the internet. Its basically just a whole bunch of forums. People go in there and they talk about everything. You can find a sub-reddit for anything. Reddit works with what is known as ‘Karma’. This is a reward you gain by getting up votes on your post or comments.


If someone ask a question that you have the answer to on your blog, just give a brief answer (answer part of the question) and be “like there’s a whole bunch more, here’s a link to my article”. Just like Pinterest boards, do not spam reddit. People aren’t dumb. They know what you are doing and you can get blocked.
Asides spammy you have to follow the rules set on each sub-reddit or you will be penalized. Most times post things that are rare; for instance – my playstation 4 just blew up. Put that on your blog and link to reddit. Reddit is great when you have unusual and very shareable content.


Just a recap of what we have discussed so far

PINTERESTWrite post regularly
Use catchy images
Join group boards
Follow competitors followers
Make use of hashtags
Comment on popular pins
Repin other people’s pin
YOUTUBEUpload half info videos and link the complete article to your blog
Allow viewers to type links instead
REDDITChoose relevant sub-reddit
Post according to trending discussion
Follow rules
Comment on posts
Build karma

Alot of your content might not be shareable on pinterest, youtube or reddit. Like “how much does a playstation weigh?”. Nobody is gonna be like “wow that was awesome, I’m gonna tell all my friends”. So now if you don’ thave these accounts I suggest you create them and start boostig your traffic!


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