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[LYRICS] Spec – Outta Ma Mind

by bottlez
Spec Outta Ma Mind lyrics dopearena.com
The lyrics is out for the latest hit song by Spec titled ‘Outta Ma Mind’

Due to the violent content 
Parental discretion is advised 
Outta ma mind
Outta ma fucking mind
Outta ma mind

Outta ma 
Outta ma 
Outta ma
Outta ma fucking mind
Outta ma fucking mind
Verse 1
Call me the best 
I’ve been chopping their heads 
And the niggas are asking who the fuck Is the next
Burning my chest 
Sleeping in nest 
While My life is a stress 
And Am grateful and bless 
You owe me respect 
Who is this spec 
I am Out of my head 
I say Out of my life 
I mean Out of my way 
Unless you wanna pay 
Down to the point where my niggas gon say 
This Is a hit 
You should Stand on ur fit 
He is killing the beat 
And I really love him 
They deal never came 
But he rap so legit 
We’ll get him a jeep 
He is flowing so deep 
Listen to him while u take a little sip 
2 thousand 50 mehn that is a tip 
Flows always real
Resurrection of hip-hop  
Is right in his clip 
I’ve been wondering and pondering 
Grinding  And praying 
Hoping and finding 
I’m out of mind 
But truly am grinding 
No time for the running 
I’m the king an am ruling 
This is the truth 
And am out of my mind 
No crucifixion 
And no constipation 
Let’s have a conversation  
Take my Instruction
Me and you bro what’s the conversation 
I’m a savage 
Mehn what is the leverage 
My flows are not average 
So what Is ur statement 
Listen to me when I talk is my moment 
Yeah yeah you can send all your comment 
Well well you can say it is permanent 
I’m not here to leave 
Am just here to stay 
I guess I just say 
I’m outta ma mind so let us pray 
Outta ma mind 
Outta ma fucking mind
Outta ma mind 
Outta ma 
Outta ma 
Outta ma
Outta ma fucking mind
Outta ma fucking mind
Verse 2
I’m out of my mind
Talk about me mehn you could get blind 
Really hard to find 
But Lately I feel like am invaded offended 
I try to get down but really am bended sedated 
I traded my all for the music 
When you see me going high 
Mehn believe is the toxic 
The blood and the tonic 
My life’s iconic 
Wanna be the greatest mehn ever like logic 
So man what is so tragic 
Am killing the beat and you call me sarcastic 
Well that’s the hate now 
When you see me coming hard you better pipe down 
Haters wanna really rip off my crown 
That’s the mash up 
What’s the turn up 
Don’t play with me 
Rapping is what I do 
Don’t try to separate us cause we stuck like glue 
I will murder any beat and 
cause Terror in the streets 
Until the scream my name 
And let me break through 
I’m not the average nigga or the average dude
So step back nigga y u act a fool 
I never thought I would go back to school 
So listen to me when I say is cool 
My moment keeps on coming 
My homies keep in running 
My mind keep on blowing 
My eyes are all glowing 
Am with a space 
And I’m running a my race 
You can never trace
You can  go insane 
Clown the posse 
Down up I say 
Go down let’s pray 
This Is the day 
Let’s make a way 
I’m just confuse
Let me excuse 
My mind are all bruised 
(X_plicit prodigy)
Outta ma mind 
Outta ma fucking mind
Outta ma mind 
Outta ma 
Outta ma 
Outta ma
Outta ma fucking mind (Play this record as frequently as possible) 
Outta ma fucking mind
Look you need a joint 
I can hit you with that 
We run the streets motherfucker 
You know 
You know 
You know 
(X_plicit prodigy)


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