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[LYRICS] Deuce – Godzilla (Eminem Cover)

by bottlez
Deuce Godzilla cover lyrics dopearena.com

Fast rising J-Town rapper Deuce drops the lyrics to his latest burst Godzilla. An Eminem Cover. Can you follow the lyrics and drop it like its hot??

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Razor sharp teeth and Claws absorbing radiation,
Killing rappers mercilessly with no mitigation,
I got a family that loves me and I love them too,
but that will stop me from vaping better than you.

Verse 1

Dont call me naive or stupid
No love in the street cos i murdered cupid
Baby angel with a bow how?.
I’m the typa rapper to make you bow, wow!
Lets Make a baby baby
Maybe i’m crazy lately
Pop m and ms
Feel like eminem
Never slim but i’m oh so shady
Almond tree,
Shapes and figures tho i hate geometry
I forgot to mention
That my flow deeper than your Comprehension
U ……….in a apprehension
Of a God tho,
This the birth of a God flow
Flow fit in like a tetris block
Dear insect, I cut, infect
No tenus shot

Verse 2

You know the boy gon be gone for days,
Rap it a certain way just to say that I slay,
And I’m I’m killing the beat just like martial,
Why you so partial
I’m not
Even though i really gotta tell u that i flow hot
Take steps to prep to rep the game, don’t call me blood i aint flowing in vein (vain)
But you still don’t feel me
Brave and the bold and i feel like a story that hasnt been told.
Y u holding back
Enough in the sheets i aint taking defeat
Wen im bringing the heat
U hate d man u gorillaman snd your only fan is ceiling fan

Verse 3

Now amma take this slow
So you feel the punches like a boxing ring
Computer type flow, that’s why these MOUSES tryna MONITOR when I enter, but I make You SHIFT to the BACKSPACE cuz I’m spitting out of space bars, give me space like the SPACE BAR, I’m in control cuz I’m the key but your lines so boring now the Key bored (KEYBOARD)

Shotgun to your cabin ain’t talking about crackers you slacker,
No number 9 but i’mma still at attack ya,
Lunar eclipse so your wings get clipped in the darkness,
Flip like a switch and I’m switching my flow
Call me John make it snow,
You rappers like theon oh so dickless,
Flow so ridiculous, and don’t get a boy scout trying to put me in a damn case like my first name is Nicholas,
I just wanna get paid, maybe get laid, leave a couple rappers bleeding on the floor with no first aid or bandaid, sipping coolade in a back truck, better duck
hit you with the Nerd Kind of flow,
and I’m still going to kill it put a thug on the floor,
really getting better not bitter getting bread with a little bit of butter never bother brother tell my brother I ain’t never Gonna Leave him in the gutter,
no bullets just atom bombs for this soccer mums
imma take Em Out like it’s rap prom,

real small expensive laptop won’t stop can’t stop won’t flop
when you see me going into beast mode,
like the king of Monsters killing all imposters while I’m eating pasta,
and getting rid of me is like an exorcism you gon need a pastor,

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can’t fake this, boy take this, like leaves on the grass better rake this
wanna top Obama’s playlist,
I’m Eminem with no Haley baby
but you know that I’m super fly
dropping real music to be murdered by
I’m kamikaze hitting your revival
I don’t need a rival, no machine Gun Kelly I can turn ghost,
grab and a k and get smoked on the Mike, don’t choke
allow me to introduce your comedic stylings cuz your flow is a joke,
flow automatic and pragmatic a child Fanatic in the Attic,
can’t touch me look at how I’m ghosting these guys, even ghosts cant see me
I’m a ghost in disguise,
death of a tout enroute for the clout don’t know what you are about,
over quoted overloaded undevoted jogger jacking backpacking slacker,
Stay Fly Like a pilot in the cockpit I Spit ridiculous,
flow oh so marvelous, evil scriptures written on the text
I came to save real rappers extinct like Tyrannosaurus Rex,
I’m a menace paid my penance and the boy been real since independence,
look what I’m planning


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