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[ARTICLE] Women Do Not Marry Who They Love But Who Is Ready

by John Ocholi

David E. Abah sharing his opinion thinks women do not marry who they love but marry who is ready. Regarding it as a poverty birthed trend.

We are only having a prevalence of this narratives in our time because of “poverty” our parents barely had this problems because life was better, opportunities where readily available for an average young man to survive and the expectation from the man, woman and families where not as high as it is now. As at today everything called love, relationship and marriage has poverty written over it, what we call marriages and relationship are nothing but a consensual arrangements where each party has a motive of cash or kind benefits. Where the man wants the body, the children, marriage status and the woman also wants the Mrs status, the dependency of not just her but her family on the man. It’s all about interest nothing much about true love and understanding everything politics.

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I think been ready or not been ready as a man shouldn’t be measured only by the instrumentality & availability of money because it’s possible to have money and not be educationally, emotionally and physicologically ready. In my opinion money should not be a major criteria for determining the readiness of a man rather it should be about responsibility, love, fear of God, intellectual/educational quotient & compartibility in individual spheres of interest.

expression of love

Let’s have a society where love is pure and emotions are given without inhibitions, poverty even although a menance should not unconsciously make you marry that so-called rich man instead love should, the ravishing beauty & her current salary or profession alone shouldn’t make you marry that lady but the love you have for her should be the focal point.

There is need for reorientation of what relationships should be & what it should not & until we change our poverty alleviation notion in relationships, the cheating will continue, divorce cases will continue to increase, more singles will abound, marriages will become parasitic & toxic, children will grow up in a seemingly loveless society and the world will suffer the most for it.

Thank you.

Authur: David E. Abah

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