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[ARTICLE] The Realities & Benefits Of Being A Digital Nomad

by bottlez
The Realities Benefits Of Being A Digital Nomad

Written by David E. Abah

The onus of being a digital nomad comes with its gains as well as it’s challenges, it’s one venture that gives you a deal of flexibility with time & space to do with vigour great things at top speed, it’s a passive profession no doubt but being a successful digital nomad requires that I have to be on a path of continuous self-searching & self-development, it means that I have to constantly be on the move, have a clear head & be tech savvy. It’s a profession that a times requires more of passion & commitment than skills. But being a digital nomad has afforded me the experience of becoming not just a “backpacker” but also a tourist by extension, you go places, you meet people, you get to eat different kinds of delicacies but If you ask me to tell you about the pros & cons of the profession “digital nomad,” I think I will say its pros will be that:

  1. I have the ability to determine where, when & how I want to work
  2. The exposure & experience it gives makes work easier i.e. you know a lot about things, people, culture & places.

On a flip side some of its cons are:

  1. They are times when you push so hard to meet deadlines, pushing so hard means that you’re awake while others sleep, your re on the lookout to for ideas and requisite information that will give your client the best of experience
  2. My social & family life suffers because I am always on the move.
  3. My whole world as a digital nomad is built around & solely dependent on internet/Wi-Fi connectivity.
  4. Unlike normal jobs there are no guarantee of continuous cash flow neither are they perks & benefits for digital nomad “It sometimes becomes a challenge to keep the cash flow coming”


If you’re budding or aspiring to become a digital nomad, it is pertinent that you first get a steady remote work before quitting your full time Job, because as a brooding digital nomad you need the experience, marketing skills and then cash flow to survive.

Ruiz said.

“Isolation is a sin if you’re passionate about becoming a digital nomad & so find communities, social media platforms and group with like-minded who can give you the needed advice and support.”

Your tech-savvy radar must not just be always on, but you must always also invest in relevant software/tools, because they aid flexibility, cost-effectiveness, reduce stress & increase your ability to meet client requirements within stipulated deadlines.


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