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[ARTICLE] Five Ways To Buy Happiness With Money

by John Ocholi

written by David E. Abah

No doubt there has overtime been a seemingly pervasive feeling that money can’t buy happiness, this narratives is so profound that it has provoked not just perspectives but also reasons as to why money can buy happinesses;

Gretchen Rubin a prolific writer on happiness is of the opinion that “money only increases happiness.” Well the link between happiness and money is profound, it’s one thing to be able to know the exact things that gives you maximum happiness and it’s another thing to have the kind of money that will be able to bring your thoughts on happiness to reality and so if happiness is a thought & money is the agent for materializing this thoughts then money can buy happiness, a famous scholar once said that  “trying to be always happy without money may be as futile as trying to be taller”  human beings are always happy prone people & our happiness sterns from the ability to afford the good things of life where & when needed, the thought of money been the major catalyst for activating the different faces of our happiness. Happiness is a spectacular state of well being that is characterized by different ripples of nostalgia, emotions, fulfilment & intense contentment, but each of the above shades of happiness is only possible because of the presence of money. If you say money can’t buy happiness then I guess you’re using it wrongly. The literary opposite meaning of happiness is sadness, in other words a man who cannot afford to PAY his bills is sad but a man who can PAY his bills is happy at that time. This & many more are pointers to the fact that money can actually buy happiness. Money indeed can make you happy whenever one or more of the following is true:

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  1. You can spend it on other’s. The thought & the feeling of been able spend money on people creates an overwhelming feeling of happiness & contentment, we tend to be more connected, contented and fufiled the accolades, pundits & appreciation we get from these gestures; however, it’s advisable to always spend within your means.
  2. The ability to make memories with great experience. If for the constraints of money everyone has that choice location that he or she wishes to go to someday & the ability to finance this trip creates profound memories as well as happiness, happiness comes also with ones ability to explore options and take decision on investment that later the yields massive return, the joy of counting your profits in business is inexplicable. Some researchers in San Francisco state university have opined that the feeling & ability to purchase experience, things or investments creates alot of happiness because it brings satisfaction and fulfilment. The joy of anticipating a particular event, concert & symposium that you have paid for is inexplicable.
  3. Money kills loneliness: the aroma of wealth entices & attract alot of people, research have shown that poverty is synonymous to poor social connections because ones movements is constrained by the paucity of money, the presence of money announces you consciously & unconsciously, it’s makes one become “must meet” for everyone, the attention & privileges breeds happiness.
  4. Money brings stability in life and existence. Alexi’s Schroeder in her book says “Money brings me stability and security,” she said. “I’m able to take care of myself financially without relying on anyone else to keep me secure.” because the presence of money eliminates financial stress, you can easily help a friend for example paying off a credit card debt. Money makes doing what you love easier & better.
  5. Money brings happiness because it’s a defense. Even the holy books in Ecclesiastics 7:12 “For wisdom is a defence, and money is defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.” The ability to through wisdom manages money judiciously makes it a defense against the Wiles of unexpected expenses, this creates not just happiness but also peace of mind.

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Forget what you’ve heard in the past, money can indeed buy you happiness. Spending money on time saving purchases creates happiness; the ability to buy time has similar benefits for happiness as having more money. The ability to buy experience, solve the problems of people around you creates happiness, If you say money cannot buy happiness then you are sure not spending it the right way.

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