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The Bane of Love (by Akase Mimi)

by bottlez
bane of love

Buzz! Buzz! Came a text message, Laura quickly picked up her phone to check the message.

“Dear customer…” She immediately deleted it and threw the phone back on the bed as she did others that weren’t from Alex. It’d been three days since she heard from him, she sent a dozen text to him but none was replied, she’d dialled his number over fifteen times in the past three days but he wouldn’t pick up, twice she called but his line was busy.

“Does it mean he could talk to someone else but not me?” , She thought, “Could there be something serious happening? But that’s not an excuse” she concluded.

Different thoughts clouded her head with each new excuse better than the last. She got up and walked to the refrigerator, grabbed a bottle of water and drank hastily as if putting off the fire burning inside of her, she wiped off the tears rolling down her cheeks as she placed the now half bottle of water in the refrigerator and closed it. She walked back into her room, took her phone and dialled his number the fifth time that day and like the others, it rang till the end.
How could he treat her in such a cruel manner? The hurt grew stronger, her throat kept burning, with a piercing pain in her heart she laid on her bed crying so hard, all her pent up feelings ambushed her, unable to feel her own breath she gasped for air bit by bit. Her fragile heart had been broken again!

“I hate love! I don’t want this anymore. I can’t! I can’t do this anymore. It’s too much for me to handle” She cried bitterly. The mild drizzling outside crescendoed to heavy rainfall, the more she cried the heavier it poured until she could feel nothing but her pain.

There’s nothing that hurts more than being ignored by the one person you love so much, it completely shatters the heart. A good number of people have gone through it and some are going through the same situation as Laura. Love itself is a weapon of mass destruction when abused. There’s no excuse that’s good enough for being treated in such a manner. If someone loves you, never shut them out, don’t ignore them whatever the issue is. Don’t build walls where you should build bridges. It’s called a relationship for a reason, you share your thoughts, your problems, your happiness, that crazy thing you did, that boring place you went to, those pictures of you making goofy faces and everything. No one is too busy to talk and just because they’re not talking to you doesn’t mean they’re not talking to someone else.

If you’ve found yourself in such a relationship, one that makes you question their commitment, one that makes you nag, one that makes you beg for attention, do yourself a favour by walking away. When someone loves you genuinely you won’t have to stay up all night hoping they’ll text you back, you won’t have to sit all day wondering if they truly love you and you’ll not certainly lock yourself in your room trying to muffle your sob with a pillow.
Leave any man or woman that is too busy to talk to you, that doesn’t care about you, whose actions don’t match their words. Of course, you’ll get hurt, it will go away not soon but eventually. Any love that doesn’t come freely isn’t worth receiving, save yourself a lifetime of unhappiness and walk away. The pain? Yea, sometimes we can’t wait, we just want it to go yet there’s nothing we can do but cry.


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