by bottlez

John was lost in the kiss, he hadn’t realised how long he had been kissing Leslie. By the time he managed to keep his lips to himself he realised Leslie’s lips were swollen and really red. Like an animal, it was like he had marked her.

It wasn’t long before evening came, Leslie had already made up her mind to return home that evening and as soon as it was 7:15 pm she told John she was ready to leave. John wasn’t so enthusiastic about her leaving, he was still basking in the newness of her forgiveness.

He wasn’t ready to let Leslie go just yet. Leslie, John called softly. I really have no right to ask you to stay whatsoever but right now I don’t want you to go, stay the night with me babe I’d drive down myself and take you home very early if you want, just please stay the night.
Leslie was glad that John had asked her to stay although she tried to mask the joy with some kinda blank facial expression deep down she was glad that John asked she wasn’t ready to return to a lonesome house spending the night alone.

After spending the whole evening been all over each other. Leslie and John headed to the bedroom to sleep.

This night the feeling in the air was different as they were both contented.
Good night baby, John told Leslie and was leaning towards her to give her a light kiss on her lip. John wanted to keep the kiss light, he’s been wanting a taste of her lip especially when she got so emotional and cried like a baby, leaving traces of tears on her face and the way the drops that got to her lips relaxed there like some stagnant water, he wanted his own lips resting in between Leslie’s lips and not some tears of sadness he caused. Besides if his lips weren’t going to be resting on Leslie’s lip thank God, the tears caused by him were there, either way, a part of him was there, this idiotic thought gave him satisfaction. But that was gone and here and now she was all his, and while a part of him said he should keep this kiss light another voice in his head screamed at him to kiss her in every way he could, To take the moment.

As soon as John’s lips landed on Leslie’s, he forgot morals and been a good boy, she smelt like his own perfume, she was wearing his shirt and had used his own cream for the night, he could smell her feminineness laced with a harsh hardness of masculinity.
Perceiving that smell from Leslie he knew he wouldn’t mind waking up to that smell or sleeping beside it every day. Damn, when it came to Leslie, John had difficulty remembering his good morals, he sometimes did or didn’t he?

As he bent to kiss me goodnight, I could feel the uncertainty I’m his eyes, I could tell he wasn’t sure about something, but I wasn’t clearly told what his doubts were. But as soon as our lips touched I knew all the unsure feelings running through his mind, I could hear desire screaming I’m his head and so when he hesitated to give in and kept disguising his actual desire with several light pecks on my lips, I decided to break it and give into the real deal.

Suddenly Leslie drew John to herself, pushing her lower lips into his mouth deepening the kiss while she took in his upper lip, she licked it, teased it, she could taste the wine John had before coming to bed in his mouth. She preferred the taste of the wine from his lips, the felt heavenly. And as Leslie tried to deepen the kiss all the more she felt John push his tongue into her mouth, pulled her close and before she knew it he had carried her, she was on his body while he was under her kissing her, teasing her lips and doing stuff I’m her mouth she didn’t know could be done while pleasures erupted from every part of her body…


Weeks had passed, Leslie had returned home. Mrs Zaki had returned from her trip who also was home.
Leslie was on one of those long night calls with John. John didn’t particularly like it but he couldn’t say no to Leslie especially when he had been busy the whole day.

Leslie: so work was great right?
John: yeah, it was. If work includes lots of sitting on a chair, with just an armrest and headrest for about 9hours without been able to rest either your head or arms but straining both your eyes the whole time and having nothing to eat except water at intervals then yes work went well.
Leslie: hahaha, I’m sorry now. But at least you made progress today abi?
John: yeah, guess I did.
Leslie: had dinner?
John: just noodles and bread feels like an appetizer.
Leslie: hmm, oga Nawa oh for you. What sorta combo is that?
John: babe you don’t know what you’re missing, you think indomie and egg or tea or sardine is the real deal try bread and noodles or bread and beans you will just see yourself at once in cloud nine.
Leslie: Oga sir, no thanks
John: try it one day, you’ll thank me afterwards. You’d love it you’d start cooking it everyday sef
Leslie: no sir, thanks.
John: you’re welcome ma, so what did you eat?
Leslie: tuwo and soup, yummy.
John: look at what you’re screaming yummy to when I marry you don’t come and use my kitchen to be cooking that thing oh.
Leslie: but tuwo is really good oh, you should try it.
John: noodles and bread or bread and beans are also good you should try it.
Leslie: no the combo is too suspicious
John: no the combo is too suspicious
Leslie: hahaha, you’re mimicking me abi?
John: I missed you today
Leslie: you’re changing the subject
John: no I’m not or you didn’t miss me? Is that why you’re avoiding the question?
Leslie: come on Ayomi I missed you too
John: you’re sure about that?
Leslie: are you doubting?
John: Sabi girl answer me, don’t come and be playing intelligence with me this night.
Leslie: LOL, okay I missed you so much and I love you.
John: I love you too, you know that right?
Leslie: yeah I do.
John: so…?
Leslie: so what about what I talked to you about yesterday?
John: yeah?
Leslie: what do you think?
John: babe we’d have this convo next time we’re together. We can’t talk about it on phone okay?
Leslie: (somewhere deep in her heart she already knew what John’s reply was going to be she just needed to hear him say it) oh, alright if you say so.
John: babe I should sleep, work is going to be hectic tomorrow okay?
Leslie: yeah you should, goodnight
John: Woah, are you pursuing me?
Leslie: nop
John: come on, I’m really tired okay, please
Leslie: Alright seriously you should rest, you need it. I love you.
John: thanks babe I love you too. Goodnight. Kisses
Leslie: kisses…

Leslie ended the call and dropped her phone and inhaled deeply. She knew deep down John had already had the conversation in his head and an answer to whatever she had told him, he only didn’t want to talk about it on phone, he wanted to look her in the eyes as he spoke taking note of her reactions and emotions.

It felt like it was just a few minutes and the morning had already come. John managed to crawl out of bed, his head was pounding really hard but he had to run to the office. He could leave the office very early, at least he had done the larger work the day before.

Leslie! Mrs Zaki called out, ma! I’m coming. Leslie quickly finished putting her hair in order and ran out to meet her mom. I dropped some money on the table for you, if it’s enough you can make dinner. Alright ma, tor shikenan? Or is there something else? No mummy babu. Leslie replied. Tor sai na dawo, Bye! Leslie replied.

About 2hours later Leslie was fully dressed, she was going to the cafe to check her admission status, she was tired of home already. She had enrolled for a diploma in computer science and had finished for her it didn’t even feel like school or lesson even.
As Leslie approached the cafe just beside the Oceanic bakery building around the Karu-site roundabout she felt indifferent. Leslie didn’t feel in the slightest way that she had gained admission she only needed to check because:
1. She needed to satisfy her curiosity
2. Her parents were always putting pressure on her to check.

Although deep down Leslie wished she had secured the admission she just had a strong conviction she hadn’t.


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