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BROKEN – by Gazelle (Chapter 10)

by bottlez

Leslie calmly told John, it’s alright you don’t have to be sorry anymore, I feel okay now. Besides, I appreciate your sincerity and the strength to tell me everything.
John wasn’t sure he heard Leslie properly, he was waiting patiently for her to suddenly flare up, to throw a tantrum everywhere, to scream at him or hit him even. The calm response of Leslie sent a mixture of feelings running all over his spine.
After Leslie told John, he was forgiven she waited to see how he would respond afterwards she left to the bathroom and washed her face with cold water; she needed the swelling to reduce.
About an hour later, John made breakfast of plain noodles for both of them. Afterwards, he didn’t know what else to do as they just sat there at the parlour starring at the television. Things were still a little awkward between them.

About 2.45pm the electric light was interrupted so the duo had to find another means of passing time.
John went into his bedroom searching for some time killing mechanism then he found his chess board. He wasn’t sure Leslie would play well but he would teach her at least it would make the situation less awkward they’d have to be conversing
John was teaching her how to play, but Leslie was totally not interested in chess after tirelessly trying and noticing Leslie’s lack of interest John stopped pushing.
Leslie, I’m trying so things would be less awkward, okay just tell me what you want us to pass out time with, John asked.

Leslie’s head was frozen she had no idea, she just knew she wasn’t interested in chess. Then she replied okay let’s have ice cream, ice cream is better than chess. John couldn’t believe Leslie had just said that, how could she possibly compare ice cream to chess? I mean they were several worlds apart plus the face she wore as she made the statement, John couldn’t help it he laughed out very loudly.
Leslie just sat with a confused face why was John laughing? The last ice cream they bought should still be available if it wasn’t shoprite was close by. Besides she’d rather be having ice cream all day than getting won several times in a chess game.
About 10 minutes later Leslie winked at John, and as he tried to guess the reason behind the act, she opted for another game – ‘ludo’ this time while we have ice cream. Leslie quickly went inside and brought out the ludo game from John’s wardrobe joining John in the sitting room she positioned herself opposite him then put a table in between them, placing the ludo carelessly as she smiled to her self then spread the seeds carefully.
Ludo John exclaimed, not sure if he’ll win a single round as this was not his favourite board game, but the thought of the excitement from Leslie as regards a ludo game spurred him on.

About 30 minutes later Leslie and John were on their third round of ludo with Leslie leading. But John’s thought was far from the Ludo board. He stole glances at his tiny Angel, who had been broken this few days, whom he had hurt so much this few days. John felt like stealing Leslie for himself alone and try to mend every single tear he had made her suffer. He couldn’t believe worst of all that he had hit her with his hand.
John knew it was going to be pretty difficult to earn Leslie’s trust again, but Leslie made it look easy. She wasn’t crying anymore she was so totally engulfed in the ludo game they were playing. And each time he looked into her eyes he took a peek into her soul and when he realised how pure it was, he wasn’t sure he was worth Leslie at all. John had after all his thoughts decided he was going to love Leslie and not hurt her any more because she was totally a pure soul.

she noticed John stealing glances at her, but she had decided to let everything go. No matter how much he had hurt her she was still so in love with him. She had decided to forgive and let him deal with his conscience as far as she was concerned she’d never stop forgiving as long as there were people who needed her forgiveness she’d give it, as long as there were people who need her love she’d love them. Leslie knew she wouldn’t hate or not forgive no matter how hard she tried.
After the third round of their ludo game, Leslie slid beside John turned his face towards her and pressed her lips to his. For John it felt like a thick fog was rising in his head it didn’t take a second before he dragged her and crushed his lips tenderly but demandingly into her. Leslie was like his medicine how someone this young could literally move him, John couldn’t understand…


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