Now, what have you achieved by sending your child to school in another country or sending him to school that you cannot afford the school fees and care for him or her? They have lost their life. Parents change your ways this time is not when parents will be proud to say my child is schooling abroad. Many of them are suffering which is leading to prostitution and criminal offences. If you don’t have the money, please tell your child that you don’t have, let he or she go and learn handwork or trading, to help your parents and the child. Everybody must not go to university. They can go to university when you have the money or when they themselves have the money to train themselves. If no admission or waiting for admission let them involve themselves with other things to keep them busy than to be idle, which may lead them to do many wrong things they were doing, bad gang, stealing and so on.
This is destroying their lives. If you have witness where they were beating thieves you will not like your child to involve in stealing.   Parents please stop beating and cursing your child, it follows the life of that child, when he or she will face the beating and cursing, you are no more alive to say I am sorry for what I have done to you and your child will not see you to say sorry for what I have done to you to say sorry for what makes me curse you, be patient with your children.
We know that many children who their parents are living have to turn to orphans while the women turn to widows but we should not use it against each other. Look for little job for your self, don’t sit down idle waiting for a big job, because it is from down that you climb up.  See how the young boys who steal handset in the streets or market, motor parks are beaten half death or death. Why because he is looking for something to eat and when the father hears it he says, ‘it is good for him, let them kill him there’, why? To kill your son because tomorrow you will impregnate any young girl to replace the one that was killed because of stealing, so you have the money to look after another wife but you don’t have money to look after your children which led your late child to death. Fathers save the next generation and suffer not the innocent child.


Young daughters, you should listen to your parents especially your mothers whether your mother went to school or not, whether you know more than your mother or not, respect her and listen to her, whether she is wise or fool take her as your mother. You will be a mother tomorrow, even though you will not want to be a mother tomorrow, you will much stay with another woman’s child and you can’t still be alone without somebody even in your office or business places, you need someone to talk to, those under you and those above you. You will like someone to respect you, whether in your office or your neighbours at home.
Do respect your mother, listening to your parents now and build your future life, many people are suffering today because of what they have done in the past not in the present time because they have forgotten. Some girls forgot when they abuse their parents and fought their parents and with anger their parents curse them, they took it as a joke not knowing that it will follow them later. Be careful now, you will reap what you sow. God forgives but the consequences remain to be suffered in an unknown time.
Why are young girls are not afraid these days even in crises you see young a girl standing on a dangerous road, dressed up and waiting for a car owner who will come to pick her just for money issue without thinking or fear or value her life. Somebody you don’t know to pick you on the road you enter the car without knowing where they are taking you to, you don’t even think where this man is taking you to whether to go and kill you or not. You may lose your life in the name of money and dressing you prefer to die than to live. What I know many young girls are doing is to stand on the road or staying in the hotel because their parents don’t have money to take care of them even the rich families who are well to do, you see their daughters living their hostel travelling to different states to meet their boyfriends not to think of any accident or any disaster to their lives and no time to study. When you are standing on the roadside in the late hour of the night what is in your mind and a flashy car stop and pick you to an unknown destination and you don’t know the person; nothing comes to your mind about your life. You don’t know that every day is for a thief but one day is for the owner.
You don’t know that you are going freely every day, you are enjoying every day getting the money and eating, drinking and fixing long attachment on your hair because you are getting the money, remember the day your cup will fill up, monkey will go to the market and it will not come back again. You will enter a flashy car and you may not come back again, you will drink and eat overdose and that may be your last food and drink. If you are lucky you will enjoy everything even driving, that time God who loves you so much may send a husband to you so that you stop what you are doing, you will look at him and abuse him because he doesn’t look like the rich man you are sleeping with, you notice that your time has passed thus no man is looking for you, their eyes are on the young ones, you start looking for another woman’s husband to push away and marry her husband, you become husband snatcher. Young girls change your ways now, whether you are above your parents or not. They cannot talk to you because you are a champion to your parents they cannot stop you from what you are doing, be careful, ten years enjoyment will cover one day pains you will face later.


Stop what you are doing now and build your future life; your parents are not the cause of what you are doing. You just decided to do what you are doing. Many poor girls don’t follow men because their parents don’t have. If so what about rich girls that are into prostitution? That is what they choose to do. You may not know what you are doing to yourself now until later in your life or when the time comes.
When men finish with you they will dump you no more phone call, they have finished with you so be careful, and protect yourself so that God may help you. You are aborting many pregnant now you don’t think that one day you will cry and see what you have done to yourself by then it will be too late. Stop killing the innocent babies, if your mother has aborted you how could you have existed in this world. Stop wasting innocent blood what sweet you today will bitter you tomorrow whether your own mother was a prostitute, it is your own reason to join her.
If your father is a thief, is that your own reason to become a thief as well? Whatever your parents are is not a good reason for you to become such negative as they . If your parents are bad people try not to be a bad person like them, don’t emulate their weakness, be a different person in your family to save the next generation and suffer not the innocent children. The change in you will lead to saving the next generation.
If your mother marries many husbands and have different children all over the state and you see how these different children are suffering all over the streets, preach against it so that the new generation women and young girls may stop marrying different husbands, and scatter children everywhere.
If your father married many wives, it is a big problem in many families today, the children will never come together as one family. There must be a division as they are from different mothers so as their mind differs. There is no peace in the family even when the man is still alive. Look at many families today that are rich when the man is no more what is always going on today there is fighting and killing among the children, some selling the property, sharing the money drinking with the money that they don’t know how the parents suffer for it. And these young men, they will not look for their own money, to know whether to get money is easy.
Their entire mind is in their father wealth, to share to use and drink, and follow girls. They feel that they are enjoying until the money finish, now they cool down or they join armed robbery and 419, they can’t stay without money to spend because they have tested the sweetness of having money to spend Please the rich parents train your children in the way they will appreciate you when they grow up to adult, to be a blessing to you and not a curse to the family. If you have surplus help others.
Don’t say your money is not for the poor, when you die, your money and your property will become for the poor through your children, you think that all you are gathering for years are only for your children. It is not how you think or plan for it may not work. And this will never be a lesson for those who are still living, they look at those people as if it is not happening in their own family today as if they are a different human being. Some parents that are still alive will see their children selling their family property and the children will be telling their parents to die so that they will take over. Parents help yourself now when it is not too late for you, don’t think that as you see your children with your naked eyes that is how their mind is, they are thinking different things in mind against you. It is only lucky parents that find things easy with their grown-up children.
Parents save the next generation and suffer not the innocent children. Start early to build and plan for your family, and have time for your children not only to give them an education. When some people hear oh these parents don’t train their children well, their mind will go to education – no, educational training is different from parental and home training. Home training is the first training a little child supposes to receive from the parents but these days a little child is receiving first training from the teacher and not from the parents again many things are going wrong in the life of our little children today in the name of material things they will lose tomorrow in life or death.
Mothers are looking for money, fathers are looking for money and children are looking for money, the three stakeholders of the family are struggling for money. Nobody has time for each other, the mother goes to work or business, the father – same thing, young girls and young boys – same thing. Children respect their parents and parents no longer love their children because nobody has each other in mind or to appreciate each other.


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