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Unrecovered Feelings (by Akase Mimi)

by John Ocholi
The worse thing you could ever do to a human being is to pretend you love them. Everybody needs love, everybody deserves to be loved genuinely.
It’s been a year and six months since Grace and Alex started dating. The relationship had been moving well until Grace began to lose feelings for Alex. Everything he did suddenly seem uninteresting and boring. She’d agree to whatever he suggested without her usual contradiction. whatever he does didn’t bother her anymore. She stopped complaining whenever he forgets to return her calls or text, his whereabouts was no longer an issue to fight over. Alex started noticing all of this and asked if everything was okay with their relationship. She, of course, said it was fine and went ahead to tease him about being insecure.
But everything was not okay. She’d completely lost feelings for him, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him, she felt she’d hurt him contrary to her promise of never breaking his heart. It wasn’t his fault, he did nothing wrong but somehow the feelings just disappeared.
Many people have found themselves in such a relationship, unable to back out for some unimaginable reasons such as “He is too nice to get hurt”; “I promised her I’d never break her heart”; “We’ve been together for so long I just can’t get out”; “I don’t want to be the one to initiate the break up” the worse of them all is “What will people say?”. People will always! And I mean ‘always’ have something to say, so forget about people. One single truth you should know is – that someone you’re keeping because of pity deserves better than you’re offering. They deserve the truth, they deserve honesty, they deserve genuine love that you no longer give.
It may not be your fault or theirs but you shouldn’t keep that person because of pity or one longtime promise you made. As far as love, relationship, romance and everything the heart is concerned about go, letting them go is the best way to love them. You’re not breaking their heart if you let them go, you’re opening a new door for them to experience something you could never give, at least not anymore. But this, of course, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to bring back the spark in your relationship. Try to spice things up and shake up your relationship with your honey boo. If things still don’t work out and you’re certain you’ve lost it then let go. They deserve better and so do you. The world of pretence is a cage, not a cocoon.

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Unknown January 27, 2019 - 8:31 pm

An amazing piece! Well done Akase Miriam


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