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So sisters what is it going to be like in 2019? (By David E. Abah)

by bottlez
hows 2019 gona be
So sister’s for 2019, what precisely would you say you are conveying to the table?
A big booty?
Perfectly sculptured brows?
A killer shape?
A head of full Brazilian hair?
A penchant for most recent melodies and dance steps?
A gathering of void and vacuous brained companions?
What precisely would he say he will discover when he thumps on your head?
Every one of the scenes of zeeworld, telemundo, tinsel, and Africa magic all recorded in immaculate grouping? Game of Thrones and Empire nko? Each character, each soundtrack all dissected into a tee?
Do you think about the new world order? Neo-colonialism? Domestic politics? Economic trends and policies? What is going on in neighbouring nations and diaspora at large? Do you at any point know something about anything remotely associated with intelligent discourse? What expertise would you say you are intending to take aside your sex skills in 2019?
By the way, when was the last time you read a “good book”? I mean book that is all illuminating and sound? Oh, they give you a migraine?
What precisely will bring a quality man your way and then keep him? Do you or would you say you are wanting to have a genuine wellspring of salary? A skill? A financial intelligence or are you just a walking debit card? Do you always ask ask ask & not work work work?
Do you know how to cook? Yes, cook for yourself at least not because you want to keep a man but because you ought to take care of what you feed your body? Do you know the route to the kitchen or would you say you are a Mr. Biggs, Aone, Netcafe, KFC and SFC investor?
There are times he would require a genuine lady to impart his stresses to and your miniskirts and long eyelashes would not convey anything to that table. Most women will, in general, spend such a great amount on endeavouring to look all hot and sexy forgetting that he (the man) won’t be horny forever. There would be days when he would require your administrative characteristics yet you are just used to being lavish; SLAY MAMA It is never past the point of no return. Be better 2019 is a fresh slate, do not go through your days making up and turning up anywhere the DJ takes his speakers.
Be yourself!!
Learn new things that can increase an incredible value to your life, because that is for me the genuine “slay mama”
A queen deserves a king. While the king builds a palace for her, she the queen must make herself befitting for the crown of a queen


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Anonymous January 14, 2019 - 10:51 am

very nice article and very true

Unknown January 15, 2019 - 9:57 am

Girls una de hear ba


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