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DexDee X Zeal Massive – Tears

by bottlez

The dispensation we are in should be one that is Love covered and peace centered. This song is CSR project by the number one entertainment outfit on the Plateau “NERAT EMPIRE”

When are we going to get irritated by the killings we find pleasure in or by the attacks we see as a hobby?
The killings are just too much . A woman who has nurtured a talent for years would be left in her own tears mourning the one her hopes lies in. It is so unfortunate that the government listens less to the tears of many being engulfed by this predicament simply because their families are in safe hands and or haven’t encountered such disastrous situations before.

Well! We must rise up tall, Stop the children from crying having watched their parents loose their lives to people who find joy in taking another’s life thereby leaving them being orphans, We JOS Want Peace in the state, In the country, In the world.
And that’s why “TEARS” by Dex Dee (Sonofashoemaker)  and Zeal Massive is a song for the season to enable us ponder on life and avoid things that would get us on a road to dis_unity.




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